March 27, 2015

When your child gets sick, you worry. Sometimes you feel helpless. When rashes appear on your child’s skin, you become nervous. You panic and give your child medicine for cough and colds but it is not working! So what does your child have? Is it measles? Is it Roseola?   Roseola Roseola is also called…


March 20, 2015

There is something beautiful about fire that makes you want to touch it. However, we all know that doing so would hurt you. So what do you do when you are burnt? Should you drink medicine for cough and colds to ease the pain? Should you listen to the old wives’ tale and apply butter…

Cold Cough Fever Parenting

January 24, 2014

These cold days also bring with it COLD days. The virus going around hit our family. Even our newborn, who is only 2 and a half months old.


November 23, 2013

I was exactly 38 weeks pregnant. Started feeling some contractions that morning around 10am. Could this be the day?