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10 Outstanding Entrepreneurs

Seven men, three women, all enrepreneurs. among them, one runs fast food restaurant that has been called “The Next Jollibee” another has been dubbed the “The Eyewear Outfitter to the Stars”. a third has helped bring generic medicines closer to the common filipino. The year 2009 was supposed to be a tough one for business. but for the seventh batch of winners of our “TEN OUTSTANDING ENTREPRENEURS OF THE YEAR” – including the three hinted at above — the success of their enterprises in previous years shielded them from worst effects of the global economics crisis, and also allowed them to reach greater heights this year. Edgar “INJAP” Sia of Mang Inasal, Dr. Vivian Sarabia of Vivian Sarabia Optical and Benjamin Liuson of The Generics Pharmacy are perhaps the most renowned of 2009’s entrepreneur 10, an award this magazine has given out annually since 2003. but they share equal billing with seven others whose own stories of success with their small-and medium scale enterprises (sme’s) are no less remarkable and encouraging.
– Entrepreneur Magazine 2009

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