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11 Facts About Antibiotics That Everyone Should Know

11 Facts About Antibiotics That Everyone Should Know

It's A Virus!

1. Antibiotics aid your immune system in fighting bacteria when it enters your body.

2. Antibiotics are only good against bacteria. They do not bode well when fighting viruses, as they tend to hide behind the body’s cells. This makes them hard to target.

3. Antibiotics should not be used every time you get sick because the bacteria will become resistant to it over time. Sometimes, it is best to let the body fight the bacteria on it’s own. That way, your body develops natural resistance to certain strains of bacteria without the help of outside medication.

4. Contrary to popular belief, antibiotics do not totally cure sicknesses. They only prevent the spread of bacteria in order to avoid contamination.

5. Taking antibiotics may cause side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, and itching due to unknown allergies. It is best for patients to consult with their doctors regarding the side effects of certain antibiotics.

6. Antibiotics target bacteria in general. They cannot distinguish between good and bad. This in turn affects the intestine’s natural state, causing dysbiosis.


7. The right dosage must be taken as specified by the doctor. Failing to do so will result not only in failure to eliminate the bacteria in the body, but cause the bacteria to develop resistance to the antibiotics, which is a lot worse.

8. Finish the duration of the antibiotics. If the doctor’s prescription requires you to take antibiotics for 7 days, then take them for 7 days. Do not stop on the 3rd day just because you feel much better already. Again, this leads to the bacteria developing resistance to the antibiotics.

9. Avoid recycling antibiotics at all costs. New bacteria means you should take a new prescription of antibiotics. Do not use the same medication on a different strain. It won’t work.

10. Take antibiotics that only the doctor/s prescribe to you. Only experts know what specific kind of antibiotic is needed to combat the bacteria that invaded your body. Never, ever self-prescribe. It could lead to more harmful side effects and not even treat your ailment effectively.

11. Antibiotics + green tea is an effective combination. According to research by researchers based in the University Of Egypt, ingesting tea with antibiotics wore down the bacteria’s resistance to the medicine and strengthened the effect of the medicines. That green tea frappe from Starbucks might come in handy when you get sick. Just don’t forget your antibiotics. With this very potent combination, you can definitely skip buying medicine for cough when you’re under the weather.

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