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12 Health Benefits of Cycling

Riding a bicycle is a great way to get some exercise and travel in an environmentally-friendly way at once. It’s level of strenuousness is also mostly up to you, so in many cases it’s okay to cycle when sick to activate your immune system. For instance, continuing to cycle is okay if you have a case of the sniffles – if it comes with a cough, it’s better to take some medicine for cough and colds and wait for it to take effect before getting back on the bike. To find out other ways you benefit from riding a bicycle for transportation or a leisurely stroll, here is a list of health benefits you can get from cycling.

Weight loss

One of the most significant benefits of regular cycling is weight loss. While it is mostly considered to be low impact, it can also allow moderate to high level of intensity. Cycling for at least 1-2 hours a day can really help you shed off some pounds.

Less strain for your body

Since riding in a bicycle has you seated, it puts less strain on your body, since you are not putting any of your weight into the ground compared to running or jogging. Using the proper techniques means less strain on your body and less chances of getting serious injuries.

Improved cardiovascular fitness and stamina

Cycling is a cardiovascular workout and therefore is good for the heart. This can also lessen the chances of high blood pressure and other heart-related ailments. Cycling can also help build stamina. The more you cycle, the more you’ll notice how much easier it gets to cycle for longer periods of time and to farther destinations.

Builds and tones muscles

When cycling, you get to utilize all the muscle groups in your arms and legs. This helps increase your muscle strength substantially.

Makes the brain work

Other than being good for your heart, your brain also benefits from regular cycling. It stimulates blood flow, which helps increase activity in your brain. Cycling can also help lower the risk of mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s.

Prevents Cancer

With regular exercise, a proper diet, and improved health, chances of getting serious illnesses are lower. Studies show that regular exercise can lower the risk of cancer in many parts of the body.

Improved self-esteem

Cycling and other forms of exercise not only helps you become healthier physically, but it also increases your self-esteem. The body is more likely to release hormones that make you feel better when doing physical activities, which includes cycling.

Improved sleep

Although riding a bicycle to and from work may sound exhausting it can actually improve your sleep routine. Regular cycling can increase your sleep time by one hour, encourages you to sleep earlier (since you’ll probably be very tired at the beginning,) and improve the quality of sleep. In addition, exercising regularly by cycling will improve your energy throughout the day.

Longer life

According to a study, researchers found out that professional cyclists have a higher life expectancy rate compared to the general population. Another study has found that switching to cycling from driving can also help increase your life expectancy by a number of months. Although a few months or years may not sound much, being able to spend much more time alive with your family and loved ones is definitely a plus in anyone’s book.

Faster recovery from injury

Since cycling helps improve your overall body strength, it is no surprise that it can be really beneficial to people who have experienced serious injuries. Studies show that cycling can help improve the health of the joints and the knees, therefore making recovery from joint injuries much quicker.

Stress reliever

Need a way to release some unwanted stress? Then cycling could be the solution you’re looking for. Studies show that cycling can help lower stress levels, which can help prevent chances of getting depression.

Control diabetes

Participating in regular physical activities in general is good for diabetics. Diabetes can increase the risk of getting major illnesses, like  Regular cycling can help lessen the risk of getting major health complications linked with diabetes such as heart disease, stroke, kidney diseases, and eye diseases. In addition, it can keep blood sugar levels in check.

Cycling offers many health benefits that your body needs to stay fit. Add to that being able to make your daily commute more efficient and helping you become more environmentally-friendly, cycling is one activity definitely worth try.

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