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4 Fun Activities Diabetics Can Enjoy Without Worrying

Enjoy Life!

Getting diagnosed with diabetes can be a life-changing moment, no doubt. You’re suddenly with a perpetual disease you have to maintain your whole life. Now there are limits to the things you do, particularly food, because you have to control the insulin levels of your body. That means lesser sweets and a more balanced diet with fruits and vegetables on the menu.

Whereas you could once do pretty much anything you wanted to your body without a care in the world, now you have to do everything to keep yourself fit, in case you suffer the symptoms of diabetes (increased thirst, increased hunger, fatigue, weight gain/loss, etc.). That means taking regular insulin shots, which is an essential medicine for diabetes.

While it may seem very limiting at this point, we encourage you not to feel let down. There still are activities diabetics can enjoy without negatively affecting your health. Here are some worry-free, fun activities diabetics can still enjoy.

1. Exercise/sports

Working up a good sweat is still one of the best ways to keep one strong, fit, and active. It prevents you from feeling lethargic, one of the symptoms caused by diabetes, due to your body eating muscle because of insulin deficiency. Be it in the gym or at home, a 30-minute session of physical activity is both enjoyable and healthy.

You can also take up a sport/several sports like running, basketball, or even hiking. Experts from the Joslin Diabetes Center documented that taking up a sport not only helps you reach your goal of fitness but is also recreational and fun! You can make new friends and network with other people while enjoying a good sweat.

Aside from exercise or sports, do things in your day-to-day activities that will cause you to exert any kind of physical effort. Gardening and other activities like walking to the store, standing up and walking while taking a phone call, taking a stroll after lunch or during breaks, or using the stairs instead of the elevator – according to the Joslin Diabetes Center experts – are sure ways to keep your diabetes in check and allow you to enjoy more of the activities mentioned above.

2. Geek Out Over New Movies

Even though you’re diabetic, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo spending quality time with your family watching the latest movie releases. Some us can’t wait to watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier or X-Men: Days Of Future Past. So go ahead, geek out over new movies. Just don’t forget your medication when the need arises.

3. Hold a healthy cook-out

Create a program where you can share your love of food and spread awareness about diabetes with others by cooking healthy food for diabetics.

Enjoy Every Moment!

The University of Georgia created a program called “Dining With Diabetes” which creates awareness about the sickness. The curriculum has since been adapted by other states such as West Virginia, Ohio, Virginia, and Tennessee.

4. Grow a garden

If you have a plot of unused land, now might be the time to cultivate it into a full-blown garden. Diabetes Family, an online website that promotes diabetes awareness, calls this activity a “Community Gardens Project” as a way for people to grow their own fresh fruits and vegetables without having to go to the store.

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