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4 Ways to Support Mental Health Awareness

How can you personally support mental health awareness?

  1. Have the initiative to know how you can help.
  2. Understand your words’ impact.
  3. Help yourself as well.
  4. Share your own experiences.

Today, different organizations and franchises in the Philippines are devotedly paying attention to mental health awareness. Along with these organizations, volunteers have poured in their time to make possible changes and get rid of the stigma which walled these patients from their families and friends.

Aside from Philippine generic medicines prescribed by doctors, there are still other ways to help those who are suffering from mental health conditions – one of which is you. If you’re wondering how, here are few and simple ways to be part of the movement.

Know How You Can Help

Know how you can help

Knowing you can help is one thing, but understanding how – is another. In this world, there are many people who are suffering from mental health conditions and yet, are afraid of approaching Philippine franchises and organizations to talk about their conditions. One of them may be a friend you know since childhood or a neighbor you always come across with as you go to school. Who knows, right?

However, if you know how to help them, that’s one way to support mental health awareness. Perhaps, surf the internet or keep books which could play as a resource, and then, identify the signs and the organizations you can approach for someone who’s suffering from it. This way, you can help minimize the number of people who are suffering from mental crisis and most especially, those who have suicidal tendencies.

Understand your words’ impact

Understand your words’ impact

Concerns about mental health have long been victims of stigma. Perhaps, our understanding of concepts through influences and pop culture has affected our language when communicating with people. With this language, there were words and common phrases that somehow built a gap towards understanding them and served as a way for them not to voice out their concerns and issues – words such as crazy, weak, and loser.

If someone approaches you, take time to think about what you’re going to say. Look at the scenario from a different perspective, this helps create a change and get rid of the stigma. Be patient with your words.

Help yourself as well

Help yourself as well

One way to help others is to address yourself first. Help yourself up, make sure you meet your needs and you are mentally stable. Otherwise, your perspective can also affect those who you’re trying to attend to, which wouldn’t be helpful. If you’re having a hard time with yourself, try to get help first – perhaps a Philippine franchise who can give you what you need or talk to someone who you can share your thoughts with.

Share your own experiences

Share your own experiences

Having someone to talk to and someone who can understand you is the best feeling out there. Thus, if you have your own experiences about a mental health crisis, do not hesitate to share it with them. You wouldn’t know how much impact one survival story can help!

Key Takeaway

In this world where 1 out of 5 people around you are battling with their own crisis, it’s important that you know and you are aware of how you’re going to deal with these things. It’s not just generic medicines, Philippine franchises or organizations, and mental institutions that are capable of helping those who are suffering from mental conditions – but you, too. You can definitely contribute to this movement with these four easy steps!

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