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5 Fruits Diabetics Must Eat

During the summer season, there is no better thing to eat than cold fruit to refresh yourself against this hot climate. Of course, you have to drink your medicine for diabetes to avoid any complications that the hear may cause. But speaking of fruits, are you sure that the ones you are eating are right for you? Are you sure that they won’t affect your blood sugar? To help you know what fruits are right to eat, check out this short list of fruits diabetics must eat.



In recent years, guacamole has been getting a lot of raves, with people seeking for it each time they enter Mexican restaurants. Why shouldn’t they? After all, the main ingredient in Guacamole is slowly building a reputation as a super food: avocado. These fruits may have a high fat content but this fat, also called monounsaturated fat, is good fat. It has anti-inflammatory properties and decreases your chance for heart problems and stroke. It also helps your insulin level sensitive.

There are a lot of ways to enjoy avocadoes. You can mash a ripe avocado together with some onions, lime juice, salt and pepper to make your own easy guacamole to top your sandwiches or just eat it by itself.



If there is one undeniable fact it is that bananas are good. If you are feeling dehydrated, grab a banana as these slim yellow fruits are 74 percent water. These are also great for diabetes as it was found out that people who ate bananas had a lessened glycemic reaction. However, you must take note that this is only effective if you are eating a banana that is not yet fully ripened. Do not eat the banana along with some other form of sweet such as ice cream topped with whipped cream so as not to contrast the effects of the banana. Eat it on its own or along with other fruits that have a low glycemic index.



Surprised to see tomatoes on this list? Tomatoes are, after all, fruits and not vegetables. But tomatoes are great for diabetes as they are non-starchy and they contain lycopene, the chemical makes this fruit so brightly red. What does lycopene do? It is a very strong antioxidant that can also lower the risk of cancer and heart problems. It is excellent for diabetes because it lessens the possibility for complications when it comes to adult diabetes. Its low carbohydrate count is excellent for lowering your weight and calorie consumption. Studies prove that eating at least 200 grams of tomatoes can help lower your blood pressure. Do take note that cooked tomatoes are beter as they contain more lycopene as compared to raw tomatoes.

Java Plum

java plum

Locally known as duhat, java plum is proven to be excellent for treating diabetes. During summer, take advantage of the trees bearing this fruit and eat plenty of it can also lessen the diabetes symptoms that you are feeling such as frequent urination. It contains jamboline, a type of glucose, that converts sugar into energy. Researchers have found out that the extract from the seeds are quite beneficial to diabetics as they can reduce your blood sugar levels significantly. To maximize its effectiveness, consume the seeds by drinking it in a powder form.



Did you know that strawberries contain more vitamin C than oranges? Yup! These delicious fruits are also excellent for diabetes as they have significant amounts of polyphenols called ellagitannins and anthocyanins. They help you keep down your high blood pressure and take care of your hyperglycemia. They can also help you keep down your blood sugar levels after a glucose filled meal. In addition to this, strawberries also lower down your cholesterol, are rich in potassium and are low in calories.

Remember to always have your medicine with diabetes with youat all times. Eat these fruits to help maximize the potency of your medicine and to help avoid a trip to the hospital.

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