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5 Healthy Ways to Handle Burnout

Have you ever been to the point of physical and emotional exhaustion wherein you feel just about ready to give up on everything? In any chances that you experience such scenario, you are most likely suffering a burnout.

A burnout is a state wherein one feels exhausted even after sufficient sleep, loss of motivation, and withdrawing from responsibilities. It goes without saying that this can negatively affect relationships, careers, and even your health.

There’s a long list of drugstores in the Philippines that can provide medicines and vitamins for people to combat physical illnesses and symptoms – however, the answer to a burnout aren’t necessarily available as a pill. Here are a few ways one can recover from a burnout.

Take a break

It sounds obvious, but one would be surprised about how many people ignore this. The cause of a burnout is most likely working too hard with very few quality rest in between. Even if you are passionately devoted to your job, it’s important to step away and keep your mind off it after office hours. That’s what lunch breaks and weekends are for.

You can maximize your weekend by taking a short vacation on resorts close to the metro. If you do not want to spend money, you can spend some time closer to nature by going in park nearby or by reading books at your garden.

We all know that a job is a necessity, but health is more important than ANY job. Do not overwork yourself. Find a hobby that could help take your mind off things.

Eat healthy food

In most instances, stressed or burnout people tend to either overeat, indulge in junk food, or do not eat at all. Neither instances are good for the body. Make sure that you include fruits and veggies in your meal to fuel your body efficiently and keep your immune system up. Something as simple as eating a banana or apple as a snack  everyday can make a world of a difference.

Get enough sleep

Apart from eating healthy food, sleep also contributes in achieving a healthy mind and body. There will be times when you can’t complete the 8-hour recommended sleep, especially if you are beating a deadline or need to reach a quota. Take naps in between work instead. It won’t completely make up for the lost sleep, but it will help you stay refreshed and minimize the effects of sleep deprivation. Afterwards, get the full 8 hours as soon as you can.

Make time for exercise

People have so many excuses to avoid exercising. It doesn’t only help you keep off the pounds, it also lowers your risk of acquiring some diseases, and releases endorphins (which can help you feel happy,) among other things.

Spend time with nature

Spending some time around greenery can positively affect both physical and mental health. You can choose to spend short time walking in the park or challenge yourself to a hike. Being close to the nature is refreshes and gives peace to the mind.

Burnouts can happen to anyone, especially those who are overworked. Make time to cheat stress and avoid a burnout through the methods listed here.

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