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5 Recipes That Should Keep High Blood Sugar At Bay

Bon Appetit!

Once a person has been diagnosed with high blood pressure (or even high blood sugar), there are certain lifestyle changes that need to be made. For one, physical activity is now needed to stabilize the condition. Next, and probably the most uncomfortable change that needs to happen is diet. Yes, the freedom to eat anything is no longer on the table. In order to keep one’s self in the pink, limitations now have to be set.

Perhaps you’re one of the people suffering from high blood sugar. You’re probably wondering why these drastic adjustments are necessary. The reason why is to keep your heart healthy. According to a study from the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, too much blood sugar increases fatty deposits inside your blood vessels, leading to heart disease.

Yes, it sounds tough.

But it doesn’t have to be…

Eating can still be a joy as long you control your portions and cook meals that keep your blood sugar at bay. Yes, there are ways you can have your cake, eat it, and keep your ticker ticking properly, too. Speaking of, here are 5 nourishing recipes that help you do just that, maybe even without requiring medicine for diabetes on the side.

1) Almond Lemon Fish With Spinach

Healthy Food For Diabetics

With the combination of omega-3 rich fish, vitamin and nutrient-rich spinach and protein-abundant almonds, this meal is packed with all the healthy goodness you need to help your heart stay in tip-top shape.

2) Spanish Omelet/Tortilla Espanol

Healthy Food For Diabetics

Don’t wait for someone else to cook this meal for you. Get off your chair and vamanos, muchachos! This yummy meal is packed with loads of vegetables and other healthy ingredients (potatoes, onions, zucchini, mushrooms, and herbs) that are simply bueno for your heart!

3) Grilled Salmon With Tomatoes & Basil

Healthy Food For Diabetics

Recipe here: http://bit.ly/1fJVi1s

The highlight of this fish dish is that it’s really, really easy to make! According to the food experts at Eating Well, all you need to do is drizzle a bit of finely chopped garlic, fresh basil leaves, and sliced tomatoes on a slice of salmon, then grill for only 10 minutes.

4) Brown Whole Meal Pasta With Poached Egg & Steamed Broccoli

Healthy Food For Diabetics

Recipe here: http://bit.ly/1lC5oGY

Instead of spreading pasta sauce from the can containing unhealthy amounts of saturated fat, do away with that traditional spaghetti recipe. Opt for a no sauce-policy with this meal and replace it with slices of poached egg and chopped broccoli. For an additional health boost, a 1-teaspoon serving of olive oil should do it.

5) Grilled Steak With Whiskey Dejon BBQ Sauce

Healthy Food For Diabetics

Recipe here: http://bit.ly/MuxfJ2

Yes, even with high blood sugar, you can still enjoy a juicy piece of steak every once in a while. The whiskey is an element used to enhance the taste of the steak with its oak flavor, not to get drunk (the alcohol levels dissipate when whiskey is grilled).

In retrospect, people who have to keep a watch on their heart don’t have to worry about what to eat with these 5 recipes. So what are you waiting for? Get cooking and let us know which of these meals you like best.

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