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5 Ways On How To Relieve Muscle Pain At Home

5 Ways On How To Relieve Muscle Pain At Home

Muscle pain can be a major bummer, whether you’re a gimmick junkie or a homebody. It limits your activities or your movement to do them. When experiencing muscle pain, we’d recommend the winning combo of staying at home to rest up and taking some medicine for muscle pain to speed up the recovery process. Plus, here are some ways you can relieve throbbing muscles while at home.

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Tip #5: Sleep

When you sleep for 8 hours (properly from 10 pm to 6 am, not 12 am to 8 am) your body’s tissues and muscles repair themselves and are more relaxed in this state, according to research.

Tip #4: Stretch

Sometimes muscle pain is caused by compression of the joints. All you need to do is stretch that portion to loosen it. Don’t stretch too much, though. You could end up hurting the muscle even more.

Tip #3: Use A Hot Compress

There has been on ongoing confusion as to which compress to use for aching muscles: hot or cold? In this article, we’ll put that confusion to rest. According to an article by Save Yourself, hot compress is what you should use for throbbing muscles. Avoid cold compresses, as the icy temperature constricts blood flow over the aching part of the body.

Tip #2: Stay warm

Keep your body at room temperature. If you’ve got muscle pain, avoid staying in a room with an aircon unit turned on. Be sure to wear warm apparel like jogging pants, a t-shirt, and even a sweater, if possible. Keeping warm prevents further stiffness over the affected muscle, and therefore, less pain.

Tip #1: Get a massage

There’s nothing like this kind of therapy when you’re at home. If you can call your regular masseuse to come over, that would be great! At least you still get the benefit of resting at home without having to strain your muscle by going out.

Shiatsu, reflexology, take your pick. Any kind of massage targets specific areas of your body and loosens aching joints that cause muscle pain. It may hurt during the process since the muscle is being stressed, but you’ll more relaxed after. It combines tips #4 and #5. It decompresses the muscle and promotes good sleep afterwards.

The thing to remember about massages is this: “Temporary discomfort for prolonged relief.”

Any kind of muscle pain can be relieved with these five easy and simple ideas. If you find that the pain gets even more intense after these steps, don’t immediately self-prescribe supplements, like immediately buying medicine for cough when you have a cough. Consult your physician. There might be a greater underlying cause for the ache in your muscle.

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