“Nose, Why You No Let Me Sleep?” 5 Ways to Prevent Colds from Keeping You Up All Night


Being struck with common cold can be really frustrating. Not only would it prevent you from enjoying your favorite dishes, but it would also make your snooze sessions very uncomfortable. Sure, you can take some medicine for cough and colds as well as drink lots of liquids to make the sickness go away, but you need to make a few sleeping adjustments on your own (at least, while you’re still down under). So if you’re having trouble catching those Zzz’s, then here are five bedtime tips you can try out to help you on your way to Dreamland.


Elevate Your Head As You Sleep

Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t know how to do this properly, stacking up two to three pillows together so they can rest their heads. This is wrong as by doing so the head may lean forward, leading to worse sleeping and breathing problems. Instead, you should get a wedge pillow, which is triangular in shape. This will lift your upper body in a slanting position, which is more helpful if you have cold since it allows the mucus to drain away from your nasal cavities. If you don’t have a wedge shaped pillow, you needn’t buy one; you can simply stack up your pillows in a triangular shape to achieve a similar effect.


Try Nasal Sprays

There are different kinds of nasal sprays out there, each suitable for different needs. These include decongestant nasal sprays, which don’t need a prescription and can provide instant relief for those with stuffy noses. Use it before heading to sleep to clear out your nasal cavities for better breathing. But do be warned to use these sprays for just a few days since constant usage can worsen the problem with the inflammation of the mucous membranes.


Take a Warm Shower

A warm shower before bedtime is a tried and tested way to clear the sinuses. It will also make your nasal passages contract, allowing some of the inflammation to subside. It also moisturizes the air in your body, which will definitely help you drift off into Dreamland in no time.


Use Mentholated Topical Cream

Mentholated topical creams help open up your nasal passages, as well as provide a cooling sensation which makes breathing easier. So get some from your nearest drugstore. Be warned, though; it’s not recommended for children younger than two, and you should not rub it directly under your nostrils—no matter how tempted you are!


Drink Plenty of Water

By drinking lots of water throughout the day, you’re keeping your throat moist and your body hydrated. This will help in alleviating any of the congestions you’re presently feeling, and it will definitely help you sleep later at night. It can also help ease away the coughing you are feeling at that present moment. So have a bottle of water beside your bed just in case you wake up because of your coughing.


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Sleep is very important when you are sick, since doing so helps your body recover faster. So if you currently have the common cold, then you’d better follow these five tips. Then you’ll be up and about in no time at all!