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6 Things To Learn From Hypochondriacs

A hypochondriac is someone who is abnormally anxious about his or her health. Well, yes, abnormally. But there are things you should learn from them. Remember, prevention is better than cure. And when I say prevention, it does not only mean keeping a healthy lifestyle and getting your medicine for headache and fever ready but also some quirky tips we can learn from the health anxious.

#1 Got free time?… Wash your hands!

Wash it after going to the comfort room, touching your pet, doing some gardening, and after eating. Wash it before you go to bed, touch your face, touch that cute baby, and eat your favorite pasta. Basically, wash it when you think you hold or touch something dirty. Just because. I mean, just because who wants something dirty on his or her hands? Definitely, not me.

# 2 Always, always, always bring alcohol and/or wipes.


Seems like this is the golden rule when you go and hang out with your friends. No, your friends are definitely not dirty. But after sharing those potato chips with each other, do you think licking your finger is the way to clean them?

I don’t think so either. But I swear, alcohol or wipes are your best buddy whenever you go. It’s your alternative to washing your hands with soap and water, especially if you are stuck in a place where the comfort room is not a good sight to see. Or worse, where the CR is nowhere to be seen.

#3 Check what that pain is all about!

“Ouch!” The moment that word came out your mouth, check what it is all about. Is it a headache or a migraine? Constantly bother yourself why you had that headache or what are the symptoms of migraine. Go and call your family doctor, or ask the help of your best friend, Google.

Pain is an indicator of something wrong in our body, so it’s not exaggeration when you try to know what is happening in your own body.

#4 DON’T touch that!

Ever encountered something so dazzling and enchanting that you’ll want to touch it? Like, perhaps, seeing Van Gogh’s original “Starry, Starry Night” in person. I don’t know about you but I’m right now, I’m puking rainbow at the thought of it.

But hey! Don’t dare to touch it. Aside from touching it is prohibited (isn’t it sad?), do you really think touching random things will do you good? If yes, then go and touch each footstep of that overpass you always use. Just kidding. If you don’t have to touch something – best that you just… don’t.

#5 What’s this stuff you want me to eat?!

You are now cordially invited to your friend’s Halloween party. Woohoo! Don’t you love that?

Chicken Feet

But what if upon entering, you see worms on a plate, complete with some brown crumb-like stuff? Won’t you panic? What if that causes diarrhea? Or hepatitis? Certainly not if those are raspberry jello worms on crumbs of chocolate doughnut, but good to be sure just in case.

However, the case is not the same if you are walking along a busy street with a community of informal settlers as your backdrop. That’s definitely a place where you’ll doubt your friend’s food offering and ask him with “What’s this stuff you want me to eat?”

And oh, use a loud, rising intonation for a more powerful effect. Or else, you’ll be forced to eat that random stuff he picked somewhere in those street food kiosks.

#6 *sniff sniff* Where’s that smell coming from?

If you are health-conscious, you are not used to that foul-smelling sweat and smoke sticking to you because of that smelly seatmate inside the train going home. You know exactly where that is coming from and what exactly is it. And you don’t want that odor near you, right? You know what to do upon going home: Soak yourself in that warm, relaxing water and get rid of those germs.
So, there my friend. Learn from the health-conscious and live well – and long.

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