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6 Tips to Keep Your Customers Loyal

Customers are an integral part of a business. Whatever your business is, may it be a small cookie business in China, a big television company in Spain, or a franchise in the Philippines, customers will always be an important factor to your company’s success.

Numerous companies pay for advertisements that would hopefully encourage consumers to avail or continue using their product or service. However, there are other ways to turn new customers into regular ones. Here are a few tips for you and your whole team:

Make Them Feel Special

One of the top things any company must do is to make a customer feel they are important and they are valuable. You might think it’s hard to do this but it’s actually quite easy. First, greet your customer the moment they enter your establishment;  If a patron enters your establishment, greet him or her immediately.  Never make a customer feel ignored or rushed. You can also try to personalize your customer service by simply remembering their names to make people feel special. Always smile at your customers and make eye contact when talking to them.

Quality Over Speed

Your customer service might be fast, but are you delivering quality as well? You might not realize it but you may be exchanging speed with excellent service. You are also more prone to commit mistakes along the way if you are always in a rush. That 75 mg medicine for flu? Well, you put in a 150 mg tablet because you were in a hurry. Slow down. Check and double check what you are giving out to the customers. Remember, speed won’t be an issue as long as you provide quality customer service to your customers.

Turn Complaints into Opportunities

Do not brush off or ignore customer complaints. First, listen to what makes customers unhappy and turn it into something positive as it can help you improve. Second, make a promise to fix the for a verbal commitment will definitely convince your customer you value him or her. Lastly, commit to your promise and find a solution to their problem. Doing so will show you’re not just all mouth but you’re also actually doing something about your customer’s troubles. This will leave a positive impression on your clientele.

Commend Your Employees

You can train your employees how to serve customers but if you really want said training to stick, commend them. If they do something right, recognize it in front of everyone. This will not just encourage that employee to keep up the good work, it will also encourage the rest of your employees to adapt a great attitude at work as well.

Show Gratitude

Thank your customers for their support. It’s important to recognize your customer’s loyalty because it will encourage them to keep on supporting you. While you’re at it, thank your employees too. They are an integral part of your communication with your customers.

Give a Little Extra Service

Sometimes, it’s really the thought that counts. Surprise your clients by doing something nice. For example, if a customer bought plenty of things from your shop, offer to carry them to their cars. Big or small, doing something unexpectedly nice for your customers will definitely leave a strong, positive impression.

Keeping your customers happy is not really a difficult task but you can definitely do it with the help of your team. Remember, a happy customer is more likely keep on patronizing your product or service. Hopefully with these tips, you will definitely help leave a better and more positive impression on your clientele.

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