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6 Ways to Deal with Bad Customers for your Franchise in the Philippines

Every day, we learn something new. This statement is especially true when it comes to business. Each day at work, you deal with different situations, one of which is dealing with bad customers. No business is exempt from this; even if you are running a franchise in the Philippines and not some major corporation, you’ll still encounter rude clients.

Dealing with difficult customers can be stressful, but with the right attitude and outlook, you can spin a negative encounter into a positive one. Your franchisor might help you with a lot of things but dealing with your rude customers for you is not one of them. Attending to bad customers can be a good or bad thing, depending on how you deal with the situation. Here are some tips on how to deal with difficult clients:

Listen Carefully

When a customer approaches you to complain about something, listen carefully and patiently. Let them finish what they want to say without interrupting, even if you do not agree with the customer and his or her opinion, you should still listen. While listening, take the opportunity to build rapport and trust with the customer. Listening to their complaints make customers feel that you value them and their feedback regarding your services. This will help calm the customer down.

Be Empathetic

One way to build rapport with difficult customers is by showing empathy. Identify what upsets your clients in the first place and show them that you understand their position. Making eye contact and nodding your head to show affirmation are also helpful. It shows that you are empathetic and that you understand their concerns.

Keep Calm

One of the most important things to remember when dealing with difficult customers is to be calm; don’t blow your top once a customer starts complaining. It will only make matters worse. It will leave a bad impression, not only on the complaining customer, but on the patrons who saw your display of anger too. Once you start to lose your temper, take a deep breath to help relax your body.

Don’t Raise Your Voice

If a customer starts complaining in a loud voice, lower yours. Raising your voice too will only escalate the situation. Aside from that, lowering your voice shows the irate customer there is no reason to be upset and the reason for his or her distress will be handled efficiently. Your calm behavior might also reflect on your customer and help settle them down.

Imagine Your Other Customers Watching

When talking to a difficult customer, imagine your other customers are watching. This will remind you that you are in the workplace, and help you remain calm. If the customer starts to become verbally abusive, this can be a good emotional buffer.

Don’t Take It Personally

As your irate customer goes on a rant, he or she might verbally attack you out of distress. When this happens, gently guide them back to the issue at hand. Your customer doesn’t know you in a personal level. It is likely that he or she is attacking you because you are the company’s representative. Don’t take it personally.

Dealing with irate customers can be a negative experience; however, if you follow these tips, they might help turn a bad situation into a good one. Always remember the way you deal with difficult customers has a huge impact on how the case will be resolved.

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