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7 Great Treats for Diabetics with Sweet Tooth

Sometimes what you need is a little bit of sugar in your life. Sure, remedies such as medicine for diabetes will make you feel better, but it’s nowhere as fun as eating delectable snacks. Besides, as a diabetic, you have the right to munch on your favorite sweet treats, too – at least from time to time! And contrary to popular belief, there are hundreds of diabetes-friendly desserts you can be enjoy without worrying about your health. So indulge yourself in many sweet diabetic-friendly snacks, like the ones listed below:

Fruit Treats

fruit treats

Fruits are always perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth. Not only are they delicious, but they also give enough healthy juices to energize you. There are millions of fruits to choose from, and each have their own distinct taste that’ll make you crave for more.

Rice-Based Snacks

rice based snacks

Although it has been said that rice-based snacks isn’t a good choice to snack on because its high glycemic index can really spike your blood sugar, you can still enjoy it by choosing the brand with the right ingredients and nutritional supplements.

Cereal Bars

cereal bars

Easy to eat and filled with delectable fruits that are to die for, cereal bard also makes soft and chewy snack. It has always been a favorite treat for diabetics. And they’re very convenient, and could be served as an optional light breakfast meal.

Graham Crackers

graham snacks

This may not be known to many, but graham crackers have a wide variety of flavors and shapes to choose from. They have minimal amounts sugar and calories, focusing more on fiber. For best results, choose the brand wisely; how delicious the snack would be depends on it.



Brownies are among the most decadent and truly divine treats ever made. Luckily, there are brownie recipes that fit the nutritional guideline of a diabetic. Brands like Nabisco Snackwell and General Mills Fiber will make you fall in love with brownies with each bite. Containing only 100 calories and 4 grams of fiber, you can enjoy your favorite brownie; just make sure to check the nutritional content.



There are cookies especially made for diabetics that you can choose from. Some of these include Full Circle All Natural Chocolate Chip Cookies and Murray Sugar Free Cookies Shortbread, both of which would really satisfy your cookie monster’s cravings. Usually, they would say that healthy treats would not taste as good as the original ones. These cookies, however, still have the crispiness and sweet flavor of any cookie lover looks for in a cookie!

Nutrition Bars

nutrition bars

Judging from their names, this type of popular snack is the ultimate treat for diabetics, with the extra benefit of containing high amount of nutrients like protein. Nutrition bars have been the best friend of any diabetic or health freak alike because not only are they very healthy, but they are also superb delicious.

Don’t let diabetes stop you from indulging yourselves in your favorite snacks. Neglecting to satisfy your cravings will result in your health getting worse. Remember, though, to choose wisely and don’t forget to keep track of the nutrition you take when munching on your favorite diabetes healthy treats.

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