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7 Vegetables Diabetics Must Eat


Being a diabetic means that you will have to be very responsible and disciplined in taking medicine for diabetes. Depending on your condition, it can be just one pill or several maintenance medicines to be taken each day. Do you want to know how you can lessen that number of pills? Check out these 7 veggies all diabetic must eat.


Your child might complain, “Yuck, Broccoli!” but this vegetable is actually quite good for diabetes. Like kale and cauliflower, it is a cruciferous vegetable which means it contains sulphurophane, a compound that can do a lot of amazing things for your body. What are these things? Oh, just repair and protect your blood vessels from the damage that diabetes can cause, improve your blood sugar and stop further cell damage. It doesn’t just have benefits for diabetes. Sulforaphane can also help your body detoxify and halt the division of potential cancer cells.

Bitter Melon

If there is one veggie that many Filipino kids hate, it has to be bitter gourd or Ampalaya, as it is locally known. While these kids hate it, the number of Ampalaya consumers over the past years has grown due to the fact that is now a known superfood for diabetes. Bitter Melon is known to have at least three components that make it an excellent anti-diabetes veggie but be warned: too much of this green can cause hypoglycaemia and diarrhea.


Cucumber? A super veggie against diabetes? Yes! Recent studies have shown that cucumber is, in fact, good for diabetes. This veggie contains a hormone that is needed by the pancreas to create insulin. If you’re looking for a way to lose some extra pounds, eat this! The skin is also rich in Vitamin A so do not peel it off when you make a dish with cucumber in the ingredients. The next time you have a home spa, don’t place the cucumber slices on your eyes. Munch on them instead and help your pancreas.


For some people, the slimy, clear fluid in okra can be really gross and thus discourage them from eating this veggie. What they do not know is that this fluid is what makes Okra a superfood among diabetics. Numerous scientific studies have proven that this vegetable can lower your blood sugar. You can slice it up, soak it in a glass of water overnight and drink the liquid the next day. Or just cook it along with other superfoods to create one healthy, diabetic friendly meal.

Portrait of a happy attractive young woman eats vegetable salad


Get ready to indulge in spinach like Popeye does because Spinach is an excellent vegetable for diabetics! Researchers have shown that compared to others, those who eat more than a serving of spinach or other leafy veggies reduce their risk for diabetes by 14 percent. Why green? Green veggies contain a lot of Vitamin K , magnesium, potassium and zinc.


Here’s one thing you didn’t know about these colourful peppers: it contains capsicum which not only lowers down your blood pressure and cholesterol but your blood sugar as well! As much as possible, choose the red ones because it has high vitamin B6 levels, a vitamin that most diabetics have low levels of. Eat it with some brown rice or a salad, it’s up to you as long as it is a balanced meal.

Green Beans

Green beans can be found in a wide variety of dishes in the Philippines. It also happens to be excellent for diabetics as it has anti-inflammatory properties. It also has a high fibre content and low glycemic index, which is why diabetics who eat it on a regular basis have lower blood sugar levels than those who do not.

Keep in mind that it is not only what you eat that affects your diabetes but your lifestyle too.  Have a healthy diet, exercise and avoid the sweet temptation of sugar to maintain your blood sugar in the safe zone.

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