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8 Period Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Every girl knows that when it’s the time of the month already, it comes with unbearable pain, a huge package of mood swings and the hassle of wearing a pad or tampon along with the need to gobble up an entire bucket of chicken and ten cake slices. Good thing there are affordable over the counter drugs like medicine for cough and cold, anti-allergies, and—thankfully—pain relievers.

But many women know all to well the feeling of pain so excruciating to the point the pain reliever you took had no effect. To prepare ourselves for those days, here are some tricks on how to survive that time of the month:

Use a hot compress

Applying heat to your abdominal area will get the blood flowing and soothe your cramps. Science revealed that the heat helps in blocking out the pain messages that are being delivered to your brain, almost similar to that of a painkiller.

Avoid caffeine

If you are a caffeine junkie, here’s a bit of bad news: during the time of the month, one must lay off from coffee, sodas and everything with large amounts of caffeine all throughout your period. Caffeine was proven to constrict the blood vessels, which can worsen the cramps. If you can’t bear the coffee-less life, have some decaffeinated coffee for the meantime.

Pain relievers before the main event

Take some Ibuprofen before the cramps start. That way, you can stay ahead of the pain and be able to do what you need to do for the day.

Have some dark chocolate

Science revealed that a woman loses a lot of magnesium during her period. The higher the levels of estrogen and progesterone, the lower the magnesium supply in the body, which can cause fatigue, hunger and extreme mood swings. Once the magnesium levels in the body return to normal, PMS-related symptoms will be easier to handle.

Invest in lavender

Lavender scented objects are proven to help in relaxing. So grab some lavender oil and add some drops on your pillow and blankets for a good night’s sleep. If you can’t find lavender oil, buy some lavender-scented candles or incense instead.

Stay hydrated

With the amount of fluid you’re losing during your period, dehydration may occur so it’s really important that you drink a lot of water. Chugging water will help ease the bloating and fatigue but stay away from sugary drinks since they will only make you feel worse.

Keep track of your period

Before you can do all of the listed things above, it’s important that you know the D-day of your next period. You can download apps to help you monitor your cycle so you will know that it’s time for you to prepare for the red monster. Then again, some women just innately ‘feel’ it coming at least a week before it arrives.

Sleep more

Many women experience insomnia during their menstrual cycle. The cramps, bloating, tenderness on the breasts and backache prevent you from getting quality sleep. So when possible, get as much sleep as you can.

The pain and discomfort felt during period varies from woman to woman. Some women are lucky enough to barely have any trouble! What it all comes down to is one must be prepared and have a plan at all times, just in case.

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