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9 Reasons Why It’s Necessary For Everyone To Take Food Supplements

9 Reasons Why It’s Necessary For Everyone To Take Food Supplements

1. The quality of our food today has been tampered due to preservatives. The use of these fillers has flushed out the healthy nutrients found in our meals. According to Dr. Mark Hyman in his blog, supplements give you the vitamins you need that are lost in our food today.

2. They are healthy for your body. Vitamin B aids your metabolism; Vitamin D helps your body with calcium absorption for bone strength (important most especially for infants); Vitamins C & E keep the body’s cells strong and healthy.

3. Food, no matter how healthy, sometimes does not provide the nutrients needed by the body. This is where supplements/vitamins bridge the gap.

4. Taking food supplements can prevent vitamin deficiency, especially for those who have food allergies, are highly selective with the food they eat, or those who are following strict diets such as vegetarians or pescetarians.

5. Food supplements are necessary for women who are able to bear children (ages 14-50). Iron and folic acid replenish red blood cells that are lost during their monthly menstrual cycle. In addition, folic acid also prevents neural tube defects among infants. Neural tube defects refer to deficiencies in the development of a child’s spine, brain, or spinal cord.

6. If you get your hands on whole food supplements, these provide your body with well-rounded nutrients it otherwise wouldn’t normally get from your balanced diet.

7. Ingesting food supplements increases prevention to diseases. As an example, taking healthy doses of vitamins C & E increases resistance to Alzheimer’s based on research recorded on an online article on Fit Day. Wonder if food supplements are a good replacement for medicine for diabetes

8. All-natural multivitamins and whole natural supplements have nutrients that are easily absorbed by the body. For the latter, the nutrients are broken down via enzymatic fermentation process.

9. Food supplements like omega 3 fatty acids keep your ticker in good condition. It prevents various diseases such as a stroke or heart attack. This is one fat you’d want to continuously feed your body with.

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