Alternative Medicine: Natural Ways to Remove Cough


Being sick is never a fun nor happy thing to happen to you. But to have cough? It is like having a machine inside of you. If you try to stop the cough from coming out, it hurts and you will have to cough like crazy. Drinking medicine for cough and colds isn’t pleasant either. Sometimes cough syrup tastes so awful, you wonder if it will make you even sicker. So if you aren’t up for liquids or pills, here are several natural ways to say goodbye to your cough.



What is the only food in the world that does not spoil? Honey! In Egypt, they found out that a two thousand year old jar of honey is still consumable. Regardless, you aren’t going to need two thousand year old honey for this remedy. All you need is plain honey as it has anti bacterial properties and is a great demulcent as well. Take a couple of teaspoons of honey every few hours. For children, just a teaspoon will do. However, do not try this cure on infants one year old and below as this might increase the risk for botulism.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea or salabat as it is locally known, is a great anti cough cure. Since ancient times, it has been used in multiple ways to heal multiple illnesses. It has anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties. You can purchase ginger tea in your nearest supermarket or you can boil peeled, thinly sliced ginger to create this tea. Drink this three to four times a day, until the cough goes away. You can add honey if you cannot take it as it is (and that is perfectly fine as Honey included in this list.)

cough turkey


Spicy Food

If you need extra spice in your life, here is your chance. Get your Sriracha ready because spicy food is proven to loosen the mucus in the lungs due to the capsaicin in spicy dishes. Next time you eat rice porridge, add a few sliced red chillies or just mix in a lot of hot sauce. Whew! Now that’s hot.

Steam It Up

Now is your excuse to have a hot bath. Steam is actually a great expectorant, which means it can really help relieve your coughing. But if you are coughing due to asthma, please don’t try this cure as this can only worsen the asthma. Here’s one way to steam it up. Get a bowl and pour in some hot water in it. Lean over the bowl, cover head with a towel and inhale deeply the steam. Ah! Relieving!


Herbs are a really great way to relieve cough. Did you know that in Germany, Thyme is actually officially approved as not only cough treatment but for other respiratory illnesses as well like bronchitis? That is how effective this herb is. Thyme contains several chemicals which make it a potent cure for cough. It is best taken as a tea by seeping two tablespoons of fresh thyme in hot water. You may add honey, ginger or turmeric to increase its potency.

Drink More Fluids

We are often told to drink more water when we are ill. Follow this advice and you will be on the road to a clean bill of health. Drinking more fluids than your usual intake can thin out the mucus and help lessen your need to cough.


There is a reason why a lot of cough lozenges available in the market mostly come in lemon flavour. It is because lemon is an effective cough cure. Lemons are full of vitamin C and flavonoids. The combination of these two can definitely knock out cough. If you are feeling brave, sprinkle a quarter of a lemon with salt and suck on it. Or, just make lemonade.


If your cough has been there for more than a week or two, better go to the doctor just to make sure that your illness has not progressed into something worse like bronchitis or pneumonia. Remember, better be safe than sorry.