The Miracle Plant: Benefits of Malunggay Supplement for Pregnant Women

The Miracle Plant: Benefits of Malunggay Supplement for Pregnant Women

Posted on March 5, 2019

What benefits can malunggay supplements provide to pregnant women?

  1. Strengthened immune system
  2. Boosts breast milk supply
  3. Relieve bodily pains
  4. Helps with Blood sugar


The proposed national vegetable of the Philippines, malunggay, boasts amazing medical benefits. Because of this, it’s highly recommended for people to eat or consume malunggay on a regular basis. Masasabing ring masustanya ang pag inom ng mga suplemento ng malunggay lalo na para sa mga buntis dahil sa dami ng magagandang bagay na naidudulot nito.

Just like medicine for cough and colds, malunggay suppements will greatly help in preventing illnesses from happening. Maraming benepisyo ang makukuha sa simpleng pag kain ng malunggay. Of course, this requires you to eat a lot of the plant with your meals. However, not everybody is going to enjoy the taste of this superfood, so it’s more useful when taken in as a supplement.

Tignan ang listahan na ito tungkol sa iba’t ibang benepisyo na makukuha mo sa malunggay, lalo na para sa mga buntis!


Strengthened Immune System

Strengthened Immune System

One of the most well-known benefits of taking malunggay supplements is that it can greatly strengthen one’s immune system. It’ll help prevent you from catching certain easy-to-get illnesses such as coughs and colds without needing medicine for it. It also aids in recovery if your body feels fatigued.

Madalas ito makikita sa mga buntis o bagong panganak. Nakakatulong sa kanila ang paginom ng malunggay supplements upang makapagpalakas matapos ang nakakapagad na panahon sa pagkakaroon ng bagong anak.

Aside from the that, it also facilitates in the healing of a few sicknesses. Sa pamamagitan ng pag-inom ng mga malunggay supplements, nakakalma ang mga sakit tulad ng asthma, uulcers, at migraine na malimit nakukuha ng mga nanay dahil sa pang araw araw na gawain sa bahay.


Boosts Breast Milk Supply

Based on a study conducted in a hospital in Makati, mothers who took malunggay supplements before and after giving birth showed earlier onset of milk and in larger volumes as well.

Syempre, pinagtuunan din ng pansin ang tama at malimit na pagkain ng mga nanay sa aral na ito. Masasabing malaki nga talaga ang natutulong ng malunggay supplements para sa mga nagbubuntis.


Relieve Bodily Pains

Malunggay supplements are also well known for their ability to relieve pain in hurting joints and tendons, particularly those that are suffering from inflammations. Nakaktulong ito sa mga nanay na nakakaranas ng arthritis habang sila’y nagbubuntis.

They can also be used to help relieve constipation and any pains related to your stomach. Sobrang laking tulong ng paginom ng malunggay supplements para sa mga buntis dahil karamihan ng mga nagpapahirap sakanilang kalagayan tulad nito ay napapakalma nito.


Helps with Blood Sugar

Helps with Blood Sugar

Another reason why malunggay supplements are great for pregnant women is its ability to normalize a person’s blood sugar levels as well as their blood pressure. It may not be as effective as specialized medicine, but it does the job promptly, especially when it comes to expecting mothers who may be restricted from taking certain prescription medicine.


Key Takeaway

Ang malunggay ay tinuturing na “Miracle Plant” dahil sa napakaraming benepisyo na naibibigay nito. Sa mga naaayon na mga pagaaral, mas makikita ang pagiging epektibo nito sa mga babaeng buntis.

Halos lahat ng nagiging problema nila ay nasosolusyunan ng paginom ng malunggay supplement. Kaya naman para sa mga nanay jan na buntis o nag babalak na, maari niyo nang simulan uminom ng malunggay supplement!

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