“Nose, Why You No Let Me Sleep?” 5 Ways to Prevent Colds from Keeping You Up All Night

August 14, 2015

Being struck with common cold can be really frustrating. Not only would it prevent you from enjoying your favorite dishes, but it would also make your snooze sessions very uncomfortable. Sure, you can take some medicine for cough and colds as well as drink lots of liquids to make the sickness go away, but you need to make a few sleeping adjustments on your own (at least, while you’re still down under). So if you’re having trouble catching those Zzz’s, then here are five bedtime tips you can try out to help you on your way to Dreamland.

Your Friend Has Diabetes? Be There for Them and Do These 5 Things!

August 12, 2015

Being diagnosed with diabetes is one of the worst things that could happen to anyone. Like any other illnesses, it’s something no one wants or deserves. But once you have it, there’s nothing else you can do other than to take medicines for diabetes and to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Mind Your Liver, Sugar! 3 Liver Diseases You Could Have If You’re Diabetic

August 7, 2015

Your liver is the biggest organ of your body. It has numerous functions, including creating bile for food digestion, making blood proteins to help your immune system, transporting oxygen, blood clotting, and assisting your body in storing glycogen. It also happens to be the only organ which can regenerate even with just a fourth of the organ remaining.

Pulmonary Embolism: What You Need to Know About This Lung Disease

August 5, 2015

If you’ve been coughing recently, then take some medicine for cough and colds to make it go away. But if it still persists, you’d better head over to your doctor since you probably have lung problems. Coughing is a symptom of numerous illnesses. While in most cases, it’s just a mild cold, there are some instances that it could also mean severe pulmonary embolism. Heard about that disease before? If not (and you want to know more about it), then we suggest you read on below.

Cold Cough
Stuck in the Rain: 4 Tips to Keep from Getting Sick in Sudden Rain

July 31, 2015

There are days when you go out, see the sun shining and decide not to bring that darn, heavy umbrella. It weighs practically a ton and takes up so much of your bag space. Your poor back and shoulders! Off you go to see the world or maybe just go to work or school. While…