Don’t Get Me Wrong: Myths About Diabetes

December 3, 2015

Like a lot of other diseases, there are plenty of myths surrounding diabetes like the superhero effect of  medicine for diabetes  and the dos and dont’s . This prompts fear in diabetics, who may now think wrong of their illness. To do away with those fears, we’ve busted up some of the most popular myths to give…

6 Sugar Substitute for Diabetics

November 27, 2015

  People with diabetes must watch the amount of carbohydrates they eat as it can raise the blood sugar levels. Because of this, diabetics need to control their sugar intake by eating less glucose heavy food like sweets. You might think diabetics will need to skip out sugar entirely, but that’s not true; they only…

Cold Cough
Ehem, ehem! 8 Ways to Keep Your Throat Healthy

November 25, 2015

The throat is more than just a passage between our mouth and stomach; it is an intricate structure comprised of blood vessels, tissues, glands, and nerves. It also houses some of our organs. Your throat also houses some of our organs, some of which may get infected if you don’t keep it healthy. This is…

Franchise Philippines
6 Tips to Keep Your Customers Loyal

November 20, 2015

Customers are an integral part of a business. Whatever your business is, may it be a small cookie business in China, a big television company in Spain, or a franchise in the Philippines, customers will always be an important factor to your company’s success. Numerous companies pay for advertisements that would hopefully encourage consumers to…

Help! Is it Sore Throat or Tonsillitis?

November 16, 2015

There are people who love to diagnose their own illnesses. Every once in a while, you’ll meet someone who refuses to consult a specialist regarding a health problem; Instead, they tell you that they know what’s going on and diagnose themselves. In truth, there are times when it’s hard to tell one ailment apart from…