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How Can I Tell If My Infection Is Vir...

16 Jan 2014

Getting sick is not just simple as getting a cold or fever. It all starts with an infection somewhere in the body. Knowing what kind you have helps you get the best possible treatment to get better. In the realm of sicknes... Read More

Spread Love, Not Viruses! (Coughing E...

10 Jan 2014

There’s just something about cold, dry air that makes all kinds of bacteria and viruses epidemics. During last year’s holiday season, Facebook statuses were abuzz with “Fever and flu please be gone!” or “Am sick wit... Read More

Fever Can Be Good For Me… Really?

09 Jan 2014

The moment your thermometer reads 37.8 degrees Celsius or higher – you’re sure to be in a sour mood. A body temperature reading of that kind means only one thing: you’ve got a fever (or pyrexia). This is a condition whe... Read More

Ever Wonder Why Fever Causes Muscle P...

30 Dec 2013

One of the reasons why a fever (pyrexia) is such an inconvenience for people is due to the slew of symptoms it brings with it. When one is suffering from a fever, they experience a combination of chills, increased body temper... Read More

Why Does Fever Cause Chills?

27 Dec 2013

Having fever (pyrexia) causes a lot of uncomfortable symptoms. There’s the increased body temperature (heat), muscle pain, loss of appetite, fatigue, and chills. But haven’t you ever wondered the complexity of the feeling... Read More

Why Do Common Colds Usually Get Worse...

20 Dec 2013

They say a good night’s rest will make one feel much better during the onset of a disease or sickness. But why is it we feel much, much worse at night when we go to bed? Are the doctors and experts simply fooling us with th... Read More