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Medicine For Cough

22 Oct 2013

When we are bothered by cough, some of us have the natural tendency to instantly pop an antibiotic or drink cough syrup without consulting the doctor. Though there are no serious effects of drinking the wrong medicine for c... Read More

Medicine For Cough

22 Oct 2013

  It is important that you first know what kind of cough you have before taking any medication. Read further to see the different kinds of cough treatments.... Read More

5 Cough Remedies That Don’t Rea...

18 Oct 2013

Most moms rely on home remedies for whatever sickness their child is experiencing. In this article, we will discuss the 4 most common cough remedies that don't really help ease cough. 1. Vitamins According to Dr. Lauren Stre... Read More

7 Alternatives To High Cholesterol Foods

15 Oct 2013

In this day and age we’re used to terms like “fast food” or quick and easy meals like TV dinners, microwavables, and the like. These may taste good, but these are high in cholesterol, which is bad for our health. Eating... Read More

10 Misconceptions You Don’t Kno...

11 Oct 2013

It’s amazing how a simple malaise such as a cough can cause so many assumptions on how to deal with them. Is it classified as a life-long disease or is it simply a childhood affliction? For your convenience, we’ll look at... Read More

Misconception: The Rain Makes You Sick

10 Oct 2013

People hold many mistaken beliefs about health knowledge and remedies. Maybe as a concerned parent, you’ve come across or held on to some of them: Vitamins, antibiotics, and over-the-counter medication cure cough. Phlegm... Read More