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7 Boredom Killers to Do When You’re a Little Sick and It’s Rainy

Rainy days usually means staying at home. While it’s not so bad, it might not be fun if you’re feeling under the weather yourself. Sure you can take lots of medicines for coughs and colds to make it go away, but you’ll still have to deal with boredom. So if you’re currently recuperating at home and it’s raining outside, then you might as well do the activities listed below to kill some idle time.

(A tiny reminder, though: Don’t over exert yourself! You’re unwell, remember? If you’re still not in condition to do these things then better settle for bed rests and a bowl or two of hot soup for the time being.)


Young Asian family entertained at home in free time

Play the classic game of charades. It’s good for people of all ages, so you can invite your family and friends (no exemptions). From best-selling books, blockbuster movies and TV shows, hip songs, and even your pet cat’s name, you have lots of words to choose from for your playmates to guess based on your body language and signs.

Indoor Bowling

makeshift bowling set

Make a DIY bowling alley using old plastic bottles as the skittles and a rubber ball as the bowling ball. You can even decorate your skittle and put some paint or glitters on it! Try making up your own version of bowling wherein you can assign point system for each personalized skittle and see how many each player can knock down.

Team Storytelling

Family leisure activity concept. Young asian mother and daughter reading book together, sitting on sofa, free space. Happy mom and child enjoying spending free time together at home

This game is usually more popular among teenagers and young adults especially when they’re all cooped up inside a house on rainy days, but it could be a great family game, too. Each member of the family should create a story plot, and then let the rest add a line until someone messes up a single word from the story. Not only is this game fun, but it can also test your memory skills.

Association Game

word association

Another famous game that can be both barkada– and family-friendly, association games stay true to its title: you simply connect words with each other. Let a player say any word and then next person should say another word that is associated to the previous one.

Silence is Golden

keep calm and be quiet

One of the best games created to subliminally quiet down members of the family. When all else fails, use this game to find out which one can stand to become “The Quietest of Them All.”

Fashion Show


Fashion games are one of the best ways to kill time because you enjoy revamping anything you can see. For example, one version of the game requires you to get as many old clothes as you can, grab lots of ribbons, buttons, glitters, paints, and other craft materials, and make a unique outfit out of it all. Then after creating a line of fashion masterpieces, you can have your own personal fashion show which will showcase each person’s craft.

Puppet Show

makeshift puppet show

As corny as this may sound, puppet shows are still a worthwhile activity to practice. For starters, find an old shoe box or cereal box and make your own puppet theatre. Then get some old socks or finger toys that’ll become the characters of your show. Finally, add different backdrops to really make your puppet show fantastic.

Gloomy weathers are perfect for fun activities at home since everyone is there. So try out any or all the boredom killers listed above and have a great time!

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