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Brain Pain: 4 Other Causes of Headaches

There are numerous words to describe a headache. Pounding. Painful. Horrible. Murderous. What a lot of people do not realize is that aside from your usual causes of headache for which you take medicine for headache and fever, there are other rather bizarre reasons.


smell headache

You might enter a public transportation vehicle and with one sniff of the air, develop an enormous headache. What is that scent? It turns out, the source of your headache is that person wearing a strong perfume sitting on the other end of the vehicle at least ten seats away from you. According to Dr. Vincent Martin, an Internal Medicine specialist and headache expert, this occurs sometimes because there are fragrances that may evoke a response from the nerve cells of your nose which are commonly linked with headache. And get this: the aromas that can often cause said head pains are pleasant fragrances. To avoid this problem, do not use household cleaning detergents with strong odors as well as not using strongly scented soaps and shampoos on your body. If you cannot help but encounter headache inducing fragrances, simply cover your nose. Or better yet, be prepared when taking the public transportation by bringing a mask.


weather headache

Feeling a little under the weather? Maybe it is because of the weather that you are feeling rather awful today. Certain factors involved in the sudden weather shift, such as change in temperature, barometric pressure or humidity, can trigger headaches. If you have heard and are skeptical of people being able to detect a storm before it actually lands, you better start believing them now. These sensitive people can recognize the even the slightest drop in temperature as a headache trigger. This is because these weather shifts are theorized to bring about a chemical and electrical change in one’s mind which will irritate the nerves and thus produce a headache. To ease the pain, take an aspirin at the first sign of a headache to avoid the pounding pain later on in the day.

Wisdom Teeth

toothache headache

They say that along with the advent of your wisdom teeth is the advent of maturity and experience. What they neglected to mention is that along with wisdom teeth can come massive headaches. Yes! Wisdom teeth can cause headaches. To accommodate your incoming wisdom tooth, you unconsciously adjust your bite, something that can cause pain due to the unnatural position of the jaw. Your mouth will try to remedy this problem but it will only cause a headache due to the jaw muscles trying its hardest to fix it. So yes, in addition to the pain being felt from the emerging, impacted wisdom tooth you have to deal with the horrible headache.


food headache

Eating has got to be one of the best things in life. Feeling depressed? Eat. Feeling happy? Eat. Feeling hormonal? Eat. Unfortunately, there are certain combinations of food that can cause horrid headaches. These combinations can cause several unsavory effects, including a release of toxins that may be the reason for the headache. An example of a bad combination would be consuming something that digests easily (like fiber rich foods such as fruits and vegetable) then consuming a slow digesting dish (such as cooked shellfish).  Fermentation may occur in the stomach which can lead to gas and head pains. To know what certain foods are the reason behind that headache, take note of what you ate the night before you had the headache. List it down and soon you will see a pattern. Remove this ingredient or do not eat that combination to avoid headaches.

If you really cannot take the head pain, take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin to alleviate the pain. If you think it is something else, immediately seek professional help. It is best to know what is wrong earlier on that to develop complications later on.

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