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Combat the Downsides of Commuting with Cough and Cold Medicines

Commuting can have serious health effects towards a person. Unbeknownst by plenty the daily back-and-forth travelling to work has a great impact on a person’s overall wellness. Once you acquire common illnesses, you must immediately drink up medicine for cough and cold in order to keep the virus at bay.

Our health should be our top priority because we can’t function efficiently if we are sick. Unfortunately because of the pollution and other factors that affect us during commute, our wellness gets taunted hence the deterioration of our health. As an example, here are a few things that affect our health when we commute:

Our Blood Sugar Rises

According to written reports by researchers from different Universities in United States, driving more than 10 miles each day (to and fro) is associated with higher blood sugar. And if this happens, high blood glucose levels can lead to pre-diabetes and ultimately diabetes.

Our Blood Pressure Temporarily Spikes

Commuting during rush hour especially when you’re stressed out about being tardy to your work can result in temporary spikes in stress levels that jack up your blood pressure. Usually at a normal state, your blood pressure is stable but due to anxiety, stress and external factors, these can cause temporary spikes.

Our Body is Vulnerable to Colds and Coughs

With all of the pollution you sniff up during commute, it is no wonder you’re prone to acquiring viruses and bacteria that can lead to sicknesses, including cold or cough. Spending hours a week slouched over in a car seat whether a driver or passenger can be a cause to your runny nose and mild coughs.

Our Cholesterol Is Higher

The same thing happens to our cholesterol when our blood sugar rises. 10 mile drives can be associated with higher cholesterol levels among commuters. It’s really alarming because this is a warning for heart disease.

How to Counter the Bad Effects of Commute

Now the question is how can you combat everything that bombards you during commute? First, do everything you can to avoid or lessen contact with germs. By using all the necessary actions you take when you have cough and cold! Take medicines and practice the routines you do when you are down with the sickness. Here are a few tips:

Get Hydrated!

When you have a cough or cold, it is necessary to get lots of fluids so you drink tons of water. Same goes for people who regularly commute. You should bring water bottles and drink up because being dehydrated is a big no-no.

Take a Steamy Shower

In order to wash off all of the dirt, pollution and sicknesses you got from commute, take a bath upon arriving at home. Be sure to rest for a while before getting yourself in the shower. A hot shower can help a cough by loosening secretions in the nose. And it is important to bathe yourself after a ridiculous and tiresome commute.

Drink Meds for Cough and Cold

Try a menthol cough drop because it numbs the back of the throat and will decrease cough reflex. Of course your usual medicine for cough and cold are necessary too. Certain drugs used to alleviate for high blood pressure can cause chronic cough so it’s best to drink on your meds because they will automatically prevent any sickness that will come your way.

When it comes to commuting, our bodies are vulnerable to many different illnesses. Therefore it is necessary to take the right kind of medicines to keep us away from sickness.

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