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Feeling Blue? Go Get These 4 Delicious and Heart-Warming Comfort Foods

Feeling sick and unwell? Feeling sad and not in the mood? Then aside from taking some medicines for coughs and colds, why not grab a few of your favorite comfort food? Perhaps those will help you get rid of those bad vibes.

Now when it comes to comfort food, the first thing you’ll probably think of are the foods that take you way back to your childhood. These are the dishes that make you sigh and make you wish you were still a kid. But there are also other comfort foods out there that you should try out! Like the ones listed below, for instance!

Chicken Soup

Every family has their own different version of this iconic soup; some prefer adding carrots in their recipes while others like peas. For centuries, it’s been the go-to dish of mothers when one of their young is feeling rather under the weather. It’s also great in case you’re feeling blue or cold.

chicken soup

In any case, chicken soup is proven to be great against colds and fevers. This is perhaps why on cold, rainy days, one of the things you crave for the most is a nice big bowl of hot, steaming chicken soup, paying no mind whether it comes from a packet or from scratch.


Rice porridge is a staple in many Asian countries. In fact, some families in these nations and elsewhere rely on it for their daily sustenance. In the Philippines, one of the most popular versions of rice porridge is Champorado. It’s made by mixing cocoa powder with boiled sticky rice. You can add milk afterwards for extra flavor, as well as a few dried salted fishes.


It’s a favorite among children and adults alike; making it one of the best comfort foods to get you through tough days. And it’s a versatile dish, great as a breakfast meal and as a midnight snack. Who wouldn’t want that!


Who doesn’t have a memory or two of those spaghettis they enjoyed during one of their pal’s kiddie parties? Aside from fried chicken, no kiddie party would be complete without pasta! Loaded with hotdogs, meatballs, and tons of tomato sauce, it’s definitely one of the best comfort foods you’ll ever have! Even adults love it, and they usually order it from fast food chains whenever they’re hungry and in a hurry.

There’s just something about it that makes you crave for it every time you feel lonely or binge eating. Is it the long, stringy noodles? The sweetness of the sauce? Or the wonderful blend of cheese into the sauce? We can’t really know for sure, but one thing’s clear: spaghetti is the comfort food of your childhood.

Ice Cream

This freezing, creamy concoction is popular from kids aged one to 99, and with its wide range of flavors, we bet you’ll have a difficult time choosing a favorite. Just how wide is this range exactly? Let’s just put it this way: in Japan, there are octopus and horse meat flavored ice cream. Now that’s insane! But we bet you’ll stick to the classics like strawberry, vanilla or chocolate when it comes to your favorite ice cream flavor because hey, this is one comfort food you certainly do not want to be served hot.

So are you still feeling down? Well, what are you waiting for? Go get some of these comfort foods now! These will take care of those blues, count on that!

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