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Dripping Like Mad! 6 Common Reasons Why You’re Having a Runny Nose

Runny nose or Rhinorrhea is a condition where excess amounts of mucus fill your nasal cavity. Normally, your body produces one to two quarts of mucus to moisten your nose, throat, airways, stomach, and intestinal tract as well as trap any foreign invaders that may cause you sickness. Mucus from your nose usually mingles with your saliva, which would then easily go down your throat as you swallow intermittently. However, people with runny noses produce more mucus than they can handle, and they can’t simply get rid of it through the usual means!

Treatment for runny nose depends on what’s causing it. While some can be alleviated well enough by medicines for coughs and colds as well as antibiotics, others may require your doctor’s attention. So let’s bring you up to scratch about the factors that usually cause our nose to drip mucus like a broken faucet.

Environmental Irritants

kid holding his nose, isolated on white

Close proximity to smokers and dirty surroundings usually results in nasal pains, symptoms of which include a runny nose. As mentioned above, mucus serves to defend your body against bacteria and foreign invaders, so expect your nose to drip with it if you’re somewhere unhealthy or polluted. Some guys are even more sensitive than others, and mere dust can set their nose off into mucus-making hyper drive!

Cold Temperatures

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The Ber months are upon us again, and it’s usually when we’re out too long in the cold that we get the sniffles. Not surprisingly, it’s during cold weathers that our nose glands would pump out more mucus than normal in order to keep it moist and protect us. So expect to drip from your nose soon!

Pet Allergies

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Regrettably, your beloved pets can also be one of the major reasons you’re having a runny nose. This is particularly true if you’re allergic to your cats or dogs (Then why’d you keep one as a pet if you’re allergic to them?). If not to their fur, your body is most likely reacting to their dander, the tiny skin scales animals frequently shed.

Small External Objects

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This is more common among children because, let’s face it, you wouldn’t normally see adults jamming something up their noses! In most cases, these objects include beans, peas, pebbles or paper wads, all of which are easy enough (luckily) to pull out. However, for objects that aren’t so easy to pull out, better seek professional help.

Non-allergic Rhinitis

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Non-allergic rhinitis is a set of allergic-like symptoms that occurs without a known cause. This includes a runny nose. Environmental irritants like car exhaust, cigarette smoke, chlorine, and cleaning solutions are some of its most common triggers.

Common Cold

Being ill

Another leading cause of runny noses, the common cold is technically a viral respiratory infection which can be alleviated though proper rest and constant hydration. Moreover, good hygiene can also help you recover sooner (as well as prevent you from catching cold in the first place), so practice it as much as possible.

meryl streep

Having a runny nose isn’t fun. In fact, it’s irritating! So as soon as you feel mucus fluids fill up and clog your nasal passages, best do whatever you can to treat it immediately! For high quality and affordable medicines, click here.

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