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Necessary Awareness: Commonly Ignored Myths about HIV/AIDS

Modern health sciences have come quite a long way, bringing us medicine for diabetes and other life threatening diseases. In recent years, it has also made great leaps and bounds when it comes to HIV/AIDS, and has taken the interventions necessary for the sake of those afflicted with it. Despite this, there are still a lot of misconceptions about the disease, leading to fear and social stigma that leaves its victims cast out or treated unfairly by society.

An Ill Past: The 4 Deadliest Pandemics In History

We’ve always feared diseases of any form. And why shouldn’t we? Some of it has caused some of the greatest and most terrible epidemics and pandemics the world has ever seen. Even now, strains like Ebola and Cholera are rampaging at various areas in the world!

Outbreak? Don’t Panic! 5 Debunked Myths About the Dreaded Ebola Disease

Ebola is the latest epidemic to hit the modern world. This highly dreaded disease first made its mark in Africa has caused a global frenzy ever since due to the deadliness of its symptoms. Mass hysteria is growing rampant, with many people avoiding crowds, stacking up medicine for fever, and following the news regarding the disease.

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