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Can’t Stand the Heat? 5 Ways To Cool Down And Avoid Heat Stroke

With the summer season already upon us, it is very evident that it is exponentially hotter outdoors than it was in previous seasons. It is so hot out, in fact, that you can’t even spend two minutes after a shower without sweating buckets. “No sweat,” you think. “All I need is a few glasses of water and I’ll be fine.”

But once you are outside, it’s a different matter altogether. You’ll be sweating profusely, especially if you’re engaged in intense physical activity or work. Heat stroke might happen. And once you suffer the symptoms, not even medicine for cough and cold will stop heat stroke in its tracks.

That’s why today, we’ll take a look at 5 ways you can cool your body temperature down and avoid this summer sickness.

1. Wear these kinds of clothing:

summer fashion

Lightweight and light-colored. Light fabrics on your skin allow them to breath, easily releasing sweat and keeping your body cool despite the hot weather. Wearing tight clothing is not advisable because they don’t allow your body to cool down properly.

Light-colored clothing prevents your body from sweating excessively. Darker colors make your body sweat even more. Stay away most especially from the color black.

That means “yes” to shorts and loose-fitting tees and no to skinny jeans. Seriously, who wears skinny jeans during summer?

2. Seek shade after 30 minutes, max


Staying under the hot sun will make your body sweat even more. A symptom of heatstroke is the lack of perspiration coming from your body. To prevent this from happening, look for protection under the sun after 30 minutes of activity, max. Stay under any kind of shade for 10-15 minutes to give your body a chance to cool down. While you’re at it…

3. Re-hydrate

TGP - Re-Hydrate

A cold glass of water/softdrinks/juice will greatly benefit you during summer. Replenishing your body fluids with liquids is one of the easiest and most effective ways of bringing down your body temperature. By re-hydrating, you also enable your body to sweat more, which is its cooling process.

4. Move to a relatively cooler area

keep your home cool

The heat and humidity in the weather also causes your body to sweat. If you sense that you’ve been perspiring too much, move to a place that is much lower in temperature. Look for an area with ventilation such as an electric fan or air-conditioning unit. Wipe your sweat off before you enter these places. Having sweat dry up on your body isn’t good, as well.

5. Limit your physical activity


Is the heat too intense for you? Then avoid sprinting or playing sports under the sun. Go for a light jog or walk instead. To protect you from the sun’s harsh UV rays, wear eyeglasses, a hat/cap, and sunscreen with a SPF level of 15 or higher.

We hope your summer is a happy one with these 5 effective tips. Let us know if these cooldown methods work/have worked for you and protected you from getting heat stroke in the comments section below.

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