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4 Diabetic Friendly Dinner Recipes that are Easy on the Pocket

When the Doctor comes out with the news and tells you, “You’ve got diabetes”, and then proceeds to narrate all the foods you can’t eat anymore – it’s just depressing. Diabetes is one of those diseases that necessarily forces you to stifle your appetite… or is it? Aha! Not really if you know which low-sugar ingredients you can mix ‘n match (wink!). So take a break from all that medicine for diabetes and give your stomach that much deserved flavorful dinner.

We’re giving you 4 recipes that are easy on the pocket, and almost all of them are relatively easy to prepare and toss together. Here are some of our favorites from the food network and  joybauer.com:

1. Marinated Chicken Breast

Marinated Chicken Breast

Chicken. That’s always the safe bet with meat. However, chicken can taste so heartrendingly bland when steam cooked. And if you’ve been having steamed chicken 7 days a week, chicken meat loses its charm. This recipe is awesome because we marinate the chicken in vinegar, herbs and mustard to give it a rich taste.

2. Tilapia With Spicy Tomato-Pineapple Relish

Tilapia With Spicy Tomato-Pineapple Relish

This flavor-packed fish dish is so cheap and so easy to make, it’s just amazing. It’s fish, so you know it’s healthy. You get high protein and omega-3. And since Tilapia is white-fleshed fish, it particularly has lower fat than other fish. Okay enough, how about the flavor? Well, you top the fish with a relish made of pineapple, sriracha and diced tomatoes. You get sweet, sour, spicy and healthy all in one dish!

3. Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Whenever we ate at this Vietnamese restaurant, we’d always order a serving of chicken lettuce wraps. It was so good I wanted to replicate the recipe. I was thrilled when I found this particularly good recipe online. It’s not as tasty as the one we ordered in the restaurant, but then again, we want to eat healthy – this recipe has significantly lower calories, lower fat, less sodium, but still has that tasty punch.

4. Chicken Curry and Vegetables

Chicken Curry & Vegetables

You don’t have to worry about blandness when you’re cooking curry. You know the other thing you don’t have to worry about with this recipe? – Your diet. This recipe carries high-quality carbs from a variety of healthy veggies, plus the good protein from your skinless chicken breast. Though traditional curry uses whole milk yogurt, we’ll use fat-free yogurt to keep our saturated fat in check. Don’t worry, you’ll still get that full-flavored taste.

Diabetes doesn’t have to make you endure flavorless food. There are plenty of recipes out there that are absolutely scrumptious, but maintain an even keel on your sugar level. Be careful that you don’t get excited over the taste, we’re straddling the line of what’s good and not good for you here – but once you cross over to the bad side, you’re going to have to deal with the consequences.

If you know any recipes that are diabetic friendly and are easy on the pocket, do share your recipes by sounding off on the comment section below.

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