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Diabetic Friendly Playground Snacks for your Kids

Summer’s gone but the heat still dances to the beat! What better way to get your kids refreshed than with cold drinks and yummy sweet treats, right? But you wouldn’t want to serve them empty calories with all that junk food and sugar overdose, you want fun and delicious snacks through healthier options like fruits and veggies because these will help them become stronger and more immune from illnesses. That’s the best medicine for diabetes, a healthy lifestyle!

 Now what we’ve got here are a few playground snacks that would satisfy their little tummies without that nasty sugar rush, or even the risk of getting diabetes, caused by obesity which is set off by too much sugar in sweets that increases their risk of obesity.


Kale Chips

With the latest health craze today, our first snack would be Kale chips sprinkled with four cheese! Introduce your kiddo to this all green snack by adding the complementing tangs brought by four kinds of cheese to the crisp texture of roasted kale.

Ermegherd! KERRERTS!

Baby Carrots!

Little kids won’t run out of energy nor be in a lazy sugar coma with this super healthy and delicious treat, everyone’s favorite, baby carrots! Who doesn’t love them? It’s easy to nibble on while running and playing around. Kick these babies up a notch with a little bit of spice and a quick browning in the pan, surely no one can resist this cute and delectable snack!

 Lemon-berry mint fusion saves the day!

Lemon Berry

Infuse berries of your choice (preferably strawberries) with fresh lemon juice and chuck a hint of mint for that instant breeze with a slight tang, in just a small berry-bite! Everyone would love a minty-fresh blast while playing under the toasty sun. These zero sugar treats are perfect for hot days out in the park!

You can even try infused water for healthier and faster metabolism and skin rejuvenation, just by putting sliced citruses in your water jug, give it a quick shake and drink up!

 A milk moustache is better when evergreen!

Avocado Shake

After playing all afternoon and eating those diabetic friendly snacks it’s nice to top it all off with a refreshing drink that will surely tickle your little kid’s nose without the unnecessary sugar! Just whip up some frozen Avocados with a few cups of milk and you have healthy servings of Frothy Avocado Milkshakes!

SUGAR FREE – Innovation generation

Yes! That’s right, sugar free. Sugar free everything! With a lot of innovative recipes today, there are many sugar free ones for many treats your child will absolutely love! A lot of recipes call for replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners but not a lot of them are safe. Be careful in using these because, although they contain zero amount of sugar they are chemically processed. Research on all-natural substitutes like Agave or Stevia to have more knowledge on how to make those diabetic friendly treats for your sweet little angel!

Play with different combinations of fruits, vegetables, even nuts and cheese! After all, the best medicine for diabetes is substituting the sugar with pure fun!

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