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Don’t Hold Back! Common Misconceptions about Whooping Cough

Considered as a viral childhood disease, the whooping cough is a highly contagious respiratory tract infection known as pertussis in the medical world. It is when someone experiences hacking cough followed by a high-pitched intake of breath that sounds like a ‘whoop’, hence the name for this illness. Simple coughs and sniffles are usually easily treated by medicine for cough and cold, but if overlooked and not treated immediately the chances of a simple cough turning into a whooping cough is actually pretty high!

Don’t worry: deaths associated with whooping cough are definitely rare, although possible. That’s why it’s important to know more about this disease and find out if the myths surrounding it are a fact or a misconception. Here are a few things that’ll set the record straight about whooping cough:

Misconception: Whooping cough is more likely to happen during childhood.

Fact: Unsurprisingly, the whooping cough affects all age groups. Most people often overlook mild coughing, but this just makes it all the more possible for your cough to worsen! Most presumptions about this coughing illness are that infants are usual victims but it can only happen if the parents are infected as well.

Misconception: All cases of whooping cough are associated with whoop or posttussive vomiting.

Fact: People who have previously acquired this sickness tend to have a mild persistent cough afterwards. Not everyone experience posttusive vomiting because it usually only happens to people with asthma. It is still possible for people to experience worse coughing and hacking at night, but it is not necessarily because of the whoop.


Misconception: Whoop coughing happens once and can’t happen to you if you’re immunised

Fact: As previously mentioned, the chances of you getting this type of coughing will be high even if you have acquired it already, especially if you aren’t quick in treating simple coughs. Even if you are fully equipped with vaccinations or immunizations, you can still have whooping cough. That is why you should never underestimate simple coughs!

Misconception: Antibiotics treat the cough

Fact: Antibiotics only prevent the transitioning of the whooping cough, but it does not reduce the symptoms of whooping cough. The need for antibiotics is during the first 3 weeks of illness, when the person is infectious.

Misconception: General Practitioners doesn’t necessarily need to notify cases of whooping cough

Fact: Doctors are required to notify the local public health unit every time a clinical diagnosis is made. At the same time, laboratories are also required to notify cases to the public health unit once a positive pertussis test result is returned.

“Health is wealth”, as they say! No one should take any type of sickness lightly, because it is possible for simple ailments to suddenly turn into something serious when not treated! Make sure you visit your doctor constantly for check-ups, and inform them of any symptom of ill-feeling you may have been feeling, regardless of how silly you think it sounds. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially when your health is concerned. And remember, when you need your vitamins and medicine, then run to The Generics Pharmacy near you!

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