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Don’t Panic! 5 First Aid Tips To Control Asthma Attacks

Sadly, not everyone is gifted with a naturally strong body. There are people who have unlimited stocks of medicine for cough and cold because they can easily catch a virus due to their weak immune system. Then there are also people who suffer from asthma attacks. Research shows that asthma attacks kill 3 people each day. Although it can occur at any age, it is mostly children who suffer from this condition. Asthma, when left untreated, can cause heart failure or death by suffocation. But People that are treated properly can improve or completely outgrow their condition.

What exactly are Asthma attacks?

An asthma attack is the constricting or tightening of the muscles around your airways. Symptoms associated with asthma are difficulty in breathing, chest pains, anxiety, sweating, wheezing, difficulty in speaking, coughing and blue nails or lips. When faced with an Asthma attack, first things first! Stop whatever you’re doing and don’t panic. Try to calm down and relax. The most important thing you have to do is to restore your breathing to normal.

Here are 5 first aid tips to control your asthma attacks:

1. Know what causes the sudden attacks

The first solution is prevention! You have to stay away from possible triggers. Especially when you’re already having an asthma attack. Keep yourself away from smoke and dust. It is advisable to have a skin test. Know which allergens can cause your asthma to act up because it can also be caused by certain foods or chemicals. Don’t force yourself with strenuous activities or over exert yourself physically. Asthma attacks can also be caused by fatigue or stress.

2. Improve your lung capacity

Do not do extreme workouts! 10-15 minutes of simple aerobic exercises will do the trick. Ask your doctor to teach you breathing exercises too. Daily exercise can improve your respiratory system, this can help prevent future asthma attacks. Since it is important to develop your respiratory system, just so we’re clear – smoking cigarettes is not an option for you.

3. Sit upright

When having an asthma attack keep an upright position. You might be feeling dizzy but laying down will only aggravate your condition. Lying down makes it harder to breathe and lacking oxygen in your body will only worsen the asthma attack.

4. Keep your inhaler with you at all times

Take 1 to 2 puffs or as instructed by your doctor for quick relief. Take slow steady breaths to normalize your breathing. Always have your inhaler with you as a precaution because you never know when you will need it.

5. Call 911

Never hesitate to call 911. Your life is on the line, if you don’t feel better even after using your inhaler then call an ambulance. Do not take asthma lightly, if you continue to have problems breathing get medical help immediately.

Take the time to learn more about asthma. Knowing its nature, the methods of treatment and even the proper use of the inhaler is important when treating it. Take care of your body and avoid stress. Maintain a healthy diet and consult your doctor regularly. Remember asthma can cause you to lose your life, do not take chances!

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