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To Eat or Not To Eat: 6 Misunderstood Foods

A lot of people neglect their own health and should realize that maintaining a healthy body is important for everyone. People should exercise daily, have medicine for cough and colds around, take vitamins everyday and eat a healthy diet. Start watching what you eat, here are 6 of the most misunderstood foods:

Packaged drinks



Probably one of the most well-loved drinks in today’s society. It seems to become a part of our daily meal but you have to think twice before drinking one. Softdrinks have high content of sugar and acid. Drinking this too often could lead to diabetes, and drinking this on an empty stomach could lead to ulcer.

Energy drinks

energy drink

If you need an extra boost of energy try eating fruits instead of chugging a bottle of energy drink. Though it does effectively keep you awake, these drinks can damage your health. Studies show that energy drinks are highly addictive and too much of these could cause you health problems such as insomnia, palpitation, diabetes, migraines and a lot more.

Powdered juice

powdered juice

They claim to be filled with vitamins and minerals but it’s also filled with sugar. You can probably call it powdered sugar instead of powdered juice.

Potato Chips

They’re called junk food for a reason. Although they taste really good, potato chips are extremely bad for your health. A lot of young people suffer from hypertension and salty foods such as potato chips are the main culprit. It’s high in cholesterol which in turn contributes to extreme gain weight or obesity. Don’t turn into a couch potato, moderate your intake of potato chips and look for products that has 0 trans fat. You can also try to look for other snacks, there are alternative healthy chips that you can munch on while watching movies.

Low fat / reduced fat products

"low fat"

Just because a product is low fat doesn’t mean it’s actually healthy. A food company has to earn money and although they lower the fat content, the food has to remain delicious for it to sell. So in exchange for the lessened fat, they fill it with salt or sugar to keep the taste appealing for their consumers.

Artificial sweeteners

If you’re trying to lose some weight and cut down on your sugar intake, you’re probably using artificial sweeteners as a substitute for the regular sugar. You think this is healthy? Think again. Sweeteners such as aspartame forms methanol which a human body doesn’t have a mechanism to digest it properly. Methanol can destroy sensitive proteins and DNA in your body, meaning it is dangerous to your health and can lead to cancer.

Protein Bar

If you’ve watched Mean Girls, you’d probably be familiar with the snack that got Regina fat. It’s a protein bar and though people use it to substitute for regular meals, it could have the same amount of fat and sugar as a regular meal. Choose your protein bar wisely, check the ingredients and make sure the sugar content is low. Protein bar is good for people who are body building, not losing weight.

White bread

bread makes you fat

Yes white bread tastes better than wheat bread but definitely not healthier. We usually include bread in our daily meals but beware of this soft goodness because it is loaded with sugar and carbohydrates. It is high in fat but low in nutrition. White bread has been processed and bleached therefore very little nutrients are maintained.

Be cautious of what you put into your body, manage your food intake and try to maintain a healthy diet. Regulate or avoid unhealthy and fatty foods. A lot of unhealthy food taste good but it will cause you health risks and problems in the future. Always remember, eating the right food will help you look good and feel good. So start eating right for a better and healthier you.

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