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Fake and Useless: The Dangers of Fake Medicine

Fake Medicine

Let’s be honest, people buy a lot of fake stuff like movie DVD’s, jewelries, designer clothes, you name it! You may not know it, but counterfeit merchandises are harmful to their respective industries. Quack medicine, however, poses a danger for both the pharmaceutical industry and its customers! So if you’re a diabetic and you think that phony medicine for diabetes can help you, then you have another thing coming! Same goes for those fake meds that claim to meet different diseases.

If you find that statement too bitter a pill to swallow, don’t; you know full well it’s true! The following points back up those claims.

They Do Not Work

This is the first and most common reason why you should discern which drugs are real or not. After all, medicines that do not work defeat the very purpose of taking medicine, which is for you to get better. So if your medicine is fake and therefore has no curative effect, then your condition will remain just as bad, if not worsen.

They Cause Harm

As if the fact that fake medicine doesn’t work isn’t bad enough yet, here comes another kicker – the medicine themselves cause harm. The chemicals they add in concocting these counterfeit drugs cause a lot of problematic conditions on the human body. So if your condition worsens and you’re developing other signs and symptoms that can be either related or unrelated to your main health problem, then you better consult your doctor about both your health and the drugs you’re taking.

It’s Hard to Tell the Difference

There are some counterfeit medicines that you can spot the fakeness of right on the get-go, there are those that look exactly like the real thing. So, how do you avoid fake medicine if you can’t tell its difference from properly-made medicine? Simple: don’t buy from non-reputable sources, especially those that sell unbelievably cheap medicine.

Not Worth Your Money

There’s no denying that fake medicine is many times cheaper than the actual working medicine. But between spending little for drugs that don’t work and spending a good amount for good medicine, it’s a no-brainer that the latter is better.

In addition, genuine medicine is not only better health-wise, but also economically. While counterfeit medicine is lighter on the pockets in the long run, it’s going to make you spend more in the long run, especially when you already have to pay hospitals bills because your condition got worse.

Antibiotic Resistance

Between fake antibiotic medicine that has a few active ingredients and one that does not, it may seem like common sense that the latter may seem like the lesser evil. However, contrary to what most people think, it’s actually the greater one. This is because even though the active ingredients may harm and lessen the bacteria, it doesn’t completely eradicate them. Also, the remaining bacteria develop a resistance against that particular active ingredient. Once that happens, even genuine medicine with the same active ingredient will no longer work on them. This in turn will require the patient to shift to higher kinds of antibiotics.

With those dangers, you already probably believe that the saying “you can’t beat the original” also applies in the field of medicine. So if you want to get healed, get the real deal.

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