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Fever Can Be Good For Me… Really?

The moment your thermometer reads 37.8 degrees Celsius or higher – you’re sure to be in a sour mood. A body temperature reading of that kind means only one thing: you’ve got a fever (or pyrexia). This is a condition where the body’s temperature rises as a signal that the human body is fighting an infection.

A fever comes with several other symptoms, aside from the usual heat generated by the body. These are loss of appetite, chills, fatigue, and muscle pain. Depending on the severity of these 5 indications, the reason for one’s sour mood when hit with fever is because it can confine someone to complete bed rest in order for the body to fully recuperate and fight the foreign body – be it bacteria or a virus.

It can be a total bummer to be restricted to one’s house and not go out on gimmicks or fun activities, but let’s look at the bright side. Having fever is a good thing! Yes, it is! In this article, we’ll look at the reasons why.

1) It builds your body’s resistance to the bacteria/virus strain

Adaptive Immunity

When you let your body fight the sickness on it’s own (with little to minimal antibiotic assistance), you’re letting it build resistance to that particular sickness. Therefore, it makes it stronger. When the same strain hits you, your body will now have the full capability to ward off the disease, without you getting all the symptoms of a fever. According to an online article on naturalnews.com, too much reliance on medicine for fever brings down the body’s natural ability to create antibodies, so it is advised that you let the body to do its own thing, while you do your own thing. And by that, we mean total bed rest.

2) It means your body isn’t well and needs rest…ASAP!

Having any one, or all, of these symptoms shows that you’re coming down with something: usually the flu. As you wear down your body with activities and stress, your immune system goes down, allowing viruses or bacteria to attack you at your weakest.

This is when the body breaks down into pyrexia. Feeling weak is a good thing. That means your body needs some well-deserved rest. Don’t plan anything. Just stay in, eat your chicken soup, a little TV perhaps (if you get really bored), and just rest and sleep in. Get your strength back to 100%.

3) It means your body is resisting whatever infection is there!

The increase in body temperature, chills, and muscle pain are all related. The chills you feel are a sign of your muscles expanding and contracting rapidly to produce heat. The heat generated by the body means that it is in the process of purging the body of the virus.

 The muscle pain is an effect of the muscle’s rapid expansion and contraction to counteract the infection. That, or the infection is in a certain muscle group/certain muscle groups, and the human body is sending antibodies to that particular area to combat the illness.

So the next time you’ve got a fever, don’t fret. It simply means that you’re on the road to getting better! For now, enjoy and rest well or drop us a comment if you have any questions.

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