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Franchise Philippines: A Guide to Preventing and Curing Rabies

What are the different things people should know about rabies?

  1. Methods to prevent it
  2. Cure in case someone gets bitten
  3. Symptoms to look out for

If animal lovers were able to invent medicine and have a drugstore franchise in the Philippines, they are very likely to focus on providing rabies shots for more animals and not just the domesticated ones.

Unfortunately, even though more and more medical suppliers in the Philippines are selling rabies vaccine shots, these shots are limited to only domesticated animals and a few wild ones.

The rabies vaccine shots from the different drugstores that have been franchised in the Philippines are extremely important because rabies is an ailment that could easily lead to death.

Sounds scary, right?

It’s a good thing this article contains the various methods that can be done to prevent your household members from acquiring rabies.

If you want to know more about preventing and curing this deadly ailment, then just keep on reading.

Prevent Rabies

Ways to Prevent Rabies

Like what the well-known quotation says: “Prevention is better than cure”. It is also better to prevent rabies instead of curing it, especially since it is an illness that could result to death.

Here are the different things that can be done to prevent rabies.

Provide Vaccination for Your Pets

Even though there are other animals that are known to spread rabies, house pets such as dogs and cats are still the closest possible animal source of the disease.

Fortunately, these common household pets can be vaccinated.

To ensure that the vaccine to be injected is the appropriate one, consult first with a veterinarian. Better yet, have the vaccine delivered at the veterinarian’s office.

Secure Smaller Pets from Large Predators

Rabbits, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, and other small pets should be positioned inside cages to protect them from wild or bigger animals that could have rabies.

It is essential to ensure that these small pets are far and protected from possibly rabid animals because small pet animals cannot be given vaccination for rabies.

Monitor Your Pets

Tiny animals are not the only pets that should be given protection, but also the big ones like dogs and cats.

As much as possible, keep your pet dogs and cats confined inside the house, and away from stray animals that could possibly rabid.

Bat-Proof Your Home

Bats are flying mammals that can also spread rabies, which is why it is better to leave these flying creatures of the night alone when you see them flying or even just sleeping at a branch.

But sometimes these small flyers enter an attic through a small crack and start roosting there. A roosting bat inside the home can be dangerous because you and your family may be unknowingly bitten by it and be infected with rabies.

Cure Rabies

Ways to Cure Rabies

Even though there are ways to prevent getting bitten by a rabid animal, it is not completely unavoidable.

There are still some unfortunate individuals who fall victim to the bites of a rabid animal, whether if it’s a pet or a stray.

In case someone from your household gets bitten by an animal with rabies, keep calm and follow these guidelines.

Wash the Bitten Area

For 10 minutes, thoroughly wash the area with soap and water then cover with a bandage.

Bring the Bitten Person to the Hospital

Due to the fatal outcome of a rabies bite, it is highly advised to immediately bring the bitten person to the hospital.

Typically, the doctor will cleanse the area and check if the tetanus immunizations are still current and effective.

To prevent the spreading of the potential infection, doctors commonly proceed with injecting the victim a shot of human rabies immune globulin around the bitten area. In addition, vaccines shots are also delivered in the arm.

Observe the Animal

There is still a chance that the animal is not infected with rabies.

To determine whether or not the animal is rabid, detain the animal for observation.

If your community has a local animal-control organization, contact them for help in detaining the animal, plus the personnel will have more knowledge in assessing a possibly rabid animal.

Symptoms of Rabies Infection

Rabies infection is not immediately evident because it is often only misdiagnosed as the flu despite its long duration.

The key indicators of a rabies infection are the various symptoms that will only appear later on after the flu.

Initially, there will be mild symptoms like fever, headache, vomiting, and nausea.

Several psychological discomforts will be felt such as anxiety, agitation, hyperactivity, and confusion.

Eventually, highly unusual behavior can be observed like excessive salivation, difficulty in swallowing, insomnia, and hallucinations.

Difficulty in swallowing and hydrophobia also emerge, the latter due to the struggle experienced when swallowing.

And the most alarming of all the symptoms is partial paralysis.

Key Takeaway

Rabies is a deadly disease if it is not immediately given the medical attention it requires.

Just by following the tips mentioned about preventing a rabies attack can definitely keep your household, and even the pets, safe from a rabies attack.

In case somebody got bitten by a potentially rabid animal, immediately rush the victim to the hospital for immediate aid and at the same time, observe the animal’s behavior to confirm if it is rabid.

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