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The Generics Pharmacy opens 1,450th branch


Further cementing its status as the country’s largest drugstore chain, The Generics Pharmacy (TGP) recently opened its 1,450th branch in Kapasigan, Pasig.

One of the keys to the company’s success is its network location, and this area of Pasig City, according to businessman and TGP franchisee Jun Calaquian, presents the ideal qualities needed for a successful venture.

“Kapasigan is located at the heart of Pasig City, and the site of our new branch offers high traffic density and proximity to other businesses in the area,” he said.

Calaquian, who now operates 10 TGP branches, became a franchisee in 2007, the same year that TGP opened its doors to franchising and started mushrooming all over the archipelago. “Choosing the right business for me is a very crucial decision,” he said. “I chose to be a franchisee of TGP because of its strong business values, particularly its corporate spiritual responsibility.”

Topping other drugstore chains in terms of nationwide network, TGP’s growth underscores the great demand for affordable, safe and effective generic medicines among Filipinos. TGP remains committed to improving the well-being of millions of its customers nationwide by continuously enhancing its products, service delivery channels and competency of its personnel.

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