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Hangover Remedies for this Holiday Season

It’s the time of the year when party invitations just keep on coming! If you drink alcoholic beverages, it’s very easy to get carried away and drink too much. Thank goodness for the accessibility and affordability of generic medicine in the Philippines!

Woke up with a hangover? Try these remedies so you can keep partying (responsibly!)


Your body experiences extreme dehydration during a hangover. The first thing to do upon waking up, aside from moaning and groaning and questioning your decisions, is to drink at least two full glasses of water. It can alleviate the light-headedness, dizziness, and headache.

If vomiting is one of your hangover symptoms, opt for lemon water, coconut water, or sports drinks that contain a high amount of electrolytes.

Light Exercises

Moving around might be the last thing on your mind right now, but you need to perform some exercises to get rid of the toxins through your lymphatic system. But there’s no need to drag yourself to the gym! A light walk around your neighbourhood should be enough to help you cope with your hangover a little better. If you know that’s just not happening, you can opt instead to open the windows to let the fresh air in. Do some light stretching while you’re at it.

High Quality Protein

Consume high quality protein! High quality protein pertains to food items with low amount of fat, making it easily digestable. Examples include milk, beef, yogurt, eggs, cheese, fish, and poultry.

Smart Carbs

Smart carbohydrates should also be part of your morning-after diet in case of a hangover. They are found in whole, plant-based foods and minimally processed whole-grain products. These types of food (which include sweet potatoes, quinoa, beans, apples, and oatmeal) help with appetite and weight maintenance as they help you feel full quicker. Learn more about this food group by reading this article.


Remember that your skin is the largest organ you have in your body and can be therefore be filled with unwanted toxins – particularly after spending a night out drinking alcohol. Flush them all out by taking a shower; the steam coming from your shower or the sauna can be used to clear off the toxins found in your skin. It will make you feel 30% better afterwards.


If your hangover is just too mmuch to handle, do not hesitate on taking some painkillers. This is very safe if you are mindful of which ones to take. Ibuprofen and aspirin are both fine and can article. Avoid taking acetaminophen for it can damage your liver due to the alcohol metabolites.

Do not forget to read the painkillers’ directions though and only take the recommended dose. Contact your doctor if you feel that you need more help and assistance.

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