Headaches @ Work? 5 Causes Of Tension Headaches

Headaches @ Work? 5 Causes Of Tension Headaches

An amazing woman once said, “Work without love is slavery”. Yes, but what if the reason work felt like slavery was because you constantly get an ugly beating from tension headaches? Working while enduring a tension headache, or any headache for that matter, is ridiculously akin to being whipped like a slave. Thank heavens for medicine for headache and fever, but must we just accept the pain?

What are the causes of these headaches? Is there something I can do to not experience them? Answers to that and much more up ahead… keep reading…

Headaches @ Work? 5 Causes Of Tension Headaches

Wait! Before anything else, what is a TENSION headache? You’ll be happy to know that this ‘tension headache’ is just a fancy name for normal headaches – this is when we experience pressure closing in from our temples or from behind our eyes, sometimes we also feel like our neck muscles are tensing up. So when the doctor says that you’re experiencing a tension headache, don’t be frightened. He just means that you’re experiencing the most common type of headache so don’t be such a wuss.

So, what causes these headaches?

It’s not really clear what the main cause is. There are however, patterns of activity that we do to trigger them. Such as:

1. Burning the midnight oil a.k.a. lack of sleep

According to a research team from Missouri State University the deprivation of REM sleep causes the secretion of high levels of proteins that stimulate chronic pain and lowers the levels of the protein that suppresses it.

The Fix: No brainer – get some sleep! Enough sleep.

2. Trying to get thin the wrong way a.k.a. skipping meals

I seriously cannot fathom how some people deny themselves the heavenly pleasure of eating just to look like some skinny model. They not only starve themselves, they also need to endure headaches – doesn’t make sense. Anyway, the reason why we get headaches when skipping a meal is because our blood sugar dips low.

The Fix: Eat on time! And stop idolizing that model, you don’t have to be “that skinny” – you have to be healthy!

3. Your Boss a.k.a. increased amount of stress

Boss = stress. We all know it. When he calls you into his office, you know you’ve got your work cut out for you when you emerge. And that my friend actually triggers a headache. Unfortunately, you can’t just snap to change your boss, you’ll have to learn to be an efficient and effective worker so that work won’t always, well… stress you…

Headaches @ Work? 5 Causes of Tension Headaches

The Fix: Do something relaxing. Whatever is relaxing for you – get a massage, listen to good music, walk by the beach or punch your boss in the face… just kidding!

4. Too much technology a.k.a. eye strain from staring at screens all day

Unfortunately, we live in the technology age. Our eyes are glued to screens (be it your computer, or phone or whatever twiddly gadget you have). Eye strain tighten delicate muscles in the eyes and even affects the facial muscles around the nose, which then leads to poor blood circulation in the face.

The Fix: Heed this advice now before you suffer yet another headache or worse, lose the glory of 20/20 vision:

a. Every hour take a 5-10 minute break from your screens. Alternate between looking at something up close, then something at a distance.

b. If the underlying reason is poor vision, then immediately have your eyes checked so that it can be corrected, or at least prescribed the right grade for eyeglasses.

c. Break the addiction with that online, video, whatever game. It ain’t good for your life – believe me!

5. Imitating the Hunchback of Notre Dame a.k.a. poor posture

Bad posture messes up our muscles. It causes certain muscle groups to tense up and handle more pressure that it normally should, which in turn messes up blood circulation.

The Fix: Be conscious about your posture. Pretend like you’re a dancer – there’s a string from the bottom of your feet, running through your spine all the way to the top of your head and it’s pulling you up. Oh, and be confident – that always gets me to want to look better.

If you’ve got some advice on how to relieve tension headaches, do sound off on the comments and let us know your secret! Thanks!