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More Common Than You Think! 4 Health Conditions We Face Today

We’ve come a long way in our quest to battle deadly diseases. Various public and private health advocates all over the world tirelessly work to raise our awareness on illnesses like HIV and cancer, as well as to alert us of any potential epidemics. Yet despite these efforts, a lot of health issues still remains to plague mankind. Even with various medical advancements, including improvement of production and distribution of medicines for coughs and colds, antibiotics, and painkillers, these diseases continue to persist, wreaking havoc wherever and whenever they strike. Let’s take a look at four of them:

Bubonic Plague

bubonic plague

The Bubonic Plague has been one of the biggest causes of population decline in the world. In fact, its most notable appearance was in 1350, when it swept across Europe and killed around a third of its population (thus, they call it the Black Death). Caused by the bacteria Yersinia Pestis, this infectious disease still continue to wreak havoc on various parts of the world today. The World Health Organization has documented 1000 to 3000 cases of plague every year. This disease could spread via air, direct contact, and sometimes from contaminated undercooked food. Luckily, you can easily have it treated, as long as you detect its symptoms early.



Extremely virulent diseases like cholera affects both the young and old and can instantly kill within hours. According to the World Health Organization, there’s an estimated 1.4 to 4.3 million cases of cholera every year, with around 28,000 to 142,000 being fatal. The number one leading cause of cholera is unsafe and potable water contaminated usage, which is one of the major problems faced by third world countries. And although, it can be treated easily enough, it’s still better to prevent it by keeping your water supplies clean and contamination-free.

Tooth Decay

Caries teeth decay

Despite being a minor problem shrugged off by pretty much everyone, tooth decay is one of the most widespread diseases in the world. Especially common among children, teenagers and older adults, it’s usually caused by a combination of factors like poor dental hygiene and snacking on too much sweets, sugary drinks, and junk foods. And if left untreated, it will cause further dental damage damages, which could prove annoying if not painful. Thus, make regular dental visits and practice good dental hygiene to protect your mouth from cavities and tooth decay.

Sleep Deprivation

sleep deprivation

Despite not being a disease technically, lack of sleep is still considered a serious health problem by many. In the US alone, it is reported that around 11% of its population didn’t get as much snooze time as they need, leading to decreased productivity in the workplace, various health issues, and even cases of accidents and injuries. Not having good sleep will take its toll on your body. Now sleep deprivation can be caused by a lot of things, including stresses of daily life and episodes of depression and anxiety. But that’s no excuse for you not to spend quality time with your bed and pillows! Thus, it’s important for you to find what’s causing it as soon as possible.

Despite not being as serious or as dangerous as other diseases like HIV, Ebola, and leukemia, the four health conditions listed above nevertheless pose a threat to your well-being (and for everyone else for that matter). Thus, it’s best that you’re well-prepared to fight them.

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