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4 Healthy Habits While Working From Home

What are the healthy habits while working from home?

  1. Sit in a proper posture
  2. Avoid binging on unhealthy food
  3. Make time for exercises
  4. Drink vitamins and supplements

Now that many people are working from home, there is a higher chance of sedentary and unhealthy lifestyles. These can increase the risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, anxiety, and many other diseases. Make sure that even if you are at home, you are taking steps into taking care of yourself. Plus, with the COVID-19 virus still out there, it is a must to keep your body in great shape. To help you maintain healthy habits while working from home, keep on reading!

Sit in A Proper Posture

Sit In A Proper Posture

Remote work gives you a lot of opportunities to complete your tasks wherever you are. However, you may be overlooking your posture. Not being mindful about your working position can increase your aches and pains.

Instead of lounging on a sofa, invest in an ergonomic chair or put a pillow on your back. It is important to keep your feet flat to the ground, so your hips are parallel to your knees when sitting. Place your back on the chair, and make sure that your arms and elbows are forming an L-shape while typing. Adjust your seating and table height accordingly. 

Avoid Binging On Unhealthy Food

Habang naka work from home, dalawang klase ng sitwasyon ang maaaring mangyari. Posible na makalimutan mo kumain dahil sa pagiging busy, o dagdagan mo ang consumption ng junk food para mapawi ang stress. Para maiwasan ito, magkaroon ng break time katulad ng sa opisina.

Maglaan ng oras para sa tanghalian at meryenda. Iwasan ang kumain kasabay ng pagtratrabaho dahil hindi mo mamamalayan na napaparami ka na ng kinain. Makakatulong din ang meal prep na maari mong gawin tuwing weekend. 

Make Time For Exercises

Make Time For Exercises

According to research, a sedentary lifestyle is a big factor in a lot of chronic diseases. It can contribute to the development of medical conditions such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, certain types of cancer, and even early death. That’s why it is important to increase your physical activity around the house while working from home.

When working, you can set reminders in your phone to stand up and move around every 30 minutes. You can relieve neck tension, stretch your wrists, and do some high knees. After work, instead of watching television or browsing social media, commit 15 to 30 minutes of your time doing aerobic exercises or yoga inside your room. 

Drink Vitamins And Supplements

Kahit naka work from home, maigi pa din na alagaan mo ang iyong sarili sa pamamagitan ng pag-inom ng multivitamins and supplements. Mas mahalaga ito lalo na kung hindi ka karaniwang naeexpose sa sunlight, isa sa mga bagay na tumutulong mag produce ng Vitamin D sa iyong katawan. Ito ay mahalaga sa pag absorb ng calcium at phosporus para sa bone health.

Nirekomenda ng National Health Service (NHS) UK ang 400 IU ng vitamin D kada araw. Posible makuha ito sa mga isda tulad ng salmon, sardines, at tuna. Ang egg yolk naman ay mayroon ding 37 IU. Kung kumakain ka ng fortified milk at bread, tignan ang food label para sa bitaminang ito. Kung hindi ka naaexpose sa sunlight o kumakakain ng mga pagkaing ito, mainam na uminom ng vitamin D supplement.

Key Takeaway

These healthy habits while working from home will reduce back pain, weight gain, and sick days. Make sure that you proactively take care of your body and not succumb to stress eating and a sedentary lifestyle. 


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