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Healthy Ways to Deal with a Breakup

February is often recognized as the month of love because of Valentine’s Day – a holiday widely celebrated by couples everywhere. Unfortunately, not everyone’ll be in a relationship when this day comes. Some are simply single, while others may have just gone through a break-up. Of course, the latter is a bit more extreme.

In fact, break-ups are known to be a cause of detriment to one’s health. While there are generic medicines here in the Philippines and abroad that could possibly help you with the physical symptoms, remember that there are also other ways in which heartache can be treated.

If you want to learn how you can med your heart easily, then read on:


The stress level you experience in your body during a breakup will be high. But you should be able to properly deal with it by doing some cardio exercises. It will immediately get your endorphins – also known as happy hormones – pumping in your body.

Although be wary: do not to overexert yourself because not only will it make you exhausted, but it could also lead you to compulsively do it over and over agian . For those who don’t want to run that risk, you can try out yoga as an alternative as it too can aid you in calming you down and grounding your senses.

vegetables healthy food

Eat healthy foods

Think twice before deciding to go on a diet after your breakup. Instead of undertaking any new fads to alter your weight, just go the easy way and nourish yourself with healthy foods. You can start by incorporating more fresh fruits, green vegetables, and superfoods that are rich in nutrients, protein, and fiber to your daily meals.

Be on the lookout for anxiety

Going through a breakup can cause a lot of anxiety. That said, remember to ground yourself often and create a goal that you can work towards. For instance, if

But you can easily tackle them by grounding yourself and focusing on what you can do to deal with it. For instance, if you start thinking about being “forever alone,” think about “how you are going to bounce back from this” instead.

Start journal writing

It is completely normal for you to want to vent out all your feelings and frustrations. But you have to do it wisely. One healthy way of dealing with all this is by talking with your friends and family about what happened. Another option would be to start writing.

Keeping a journal to contain all your “heartbreak entries” should help you move on. It will particularly help you process all the grief you may be experiencing upon realizing your relationship is over. Have good cry if you need to; remember that it’s healthy to do it from time to time.

Take some time for yourself

Taking some time for yourself is another healthy way you can deal with a breakup. In essence, this can help you feel comfortable at being by yourself once again. Take yourself to coffee dates or pick up an activity you used to do when you were single like an art or dance class.

Minimize social media use

Frequently checking your social media accounts post-breakup is not a good idea, mainly because you could easily see your ex-partner’s posts. It doesn’t matter whether you “unfriend” or “unfollow” them, you may still see updates about them through your shared friends.

What you can do is to avoid going through them for a while. If you want to check with an old friend or a previous colleague, do it in a personal way by setting up a meeting with them. After all, you never know, maybe this can help you feel better.

Dealing with a breakup can be extremely difficult, but not necessarily impossible. All these things should aid you with moving on in a healthy way. It might take some time to be able to completely heal, but you’ll get there.

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