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Herbal Remedies That May Put You At Risk

With the little time you may have to take care of yourself, and with the myriad of illnesses you may develop, your chances of catching illnesses is higher than before. If only catching illnesses is as easy as getting rid of them, maybe no one will mind. But as life boldly dictates: your medicine for headache and fever may not always be accessible to you financially or geographically. And what does a clever being like you do? You improvise, of course, with herbal remedies that you can easily concoct.

Do you know, however, that though they may remedy your body’s aches, some herbal medicines may trigger new ones? Be on the lookout for these few:


Medicine For Headache and Fever - Garlic

The magic of this nose-tickling bulb doesn’t only apply to warding off vampires. Garlic is also known to battle poor overall health. It’s known for curing infections, boosting the immunity, and relieving congestion. If that’s not enough, garlic also helps lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol—it’s good for the heart. That’s why your doctor usually recommends including garlic in every meal. Although these signs lead you closer to garlic, there is a yellow light after the go. Garlic taken in with the drug warfarin may increase the risk of bleeding. And you wonder why vampires hate garlic.


Medicine For Headache and Fever - Gingko

It’s in every commercial recently so you believe it’s good. And it is. Gingko, the wonder plant is known for various benefits. As your blood vessels are also dilated with gingko intake, circulation is better. This then improves your memory, prevents dementia, and cures sexual dysfunction. It’s also known as an antioxidant and can also cure asthma. Gingko may offer a lot, but with warfarin and aspirin, the risk of bleeding is also increased, as in garlic.


Medicine For Headache and Fever - Echinacea

It’s among the plants you may have encountered in one of your online escapade in search for herbal remedies. This flower—hold your horses, butterfly—has roots that may be dried and taken in to boost the immunity. Know what that means? Bye-bye colds and flu of course. Good for you! But remember not to take it in with the medicines that lower your cholesterol. Niacin, fibrates, and statin medications can put you at risk of liver damage. You do have a boosted immunity, but you have damaged liver. You’re silly to want that.

St. John’s Wort

St Johns Wort

Chugging capsules or teacups of St. John’s Wort is your sure ticket to happiness. This yellow flower is the answer to depression and the conditions that come with it, such as anxiety, exhaustion, sleep disorders, and loss of appetite. But that’s not all. It can also relieve muscle pain, headaches, and irritable bowel syndrome. See, your ticket to immense happiness—aka: psychosis. But wait, there’s more! This sun-kissed bloom can weaken the effects of other medicines you take, such as antidepressants, birth control pills, and cancer medications. Also with antidepressants, St. John’s Wort can cause a rise in your serotonin levels, which you wouldn’t want: aside from the diarrhea and confusion, it can kill you.

You know these remedies, and now you know better. So before choosing herbs as substitutes for prescription medication, be sure to learn about the sprouts you’re going to feed your system. A little reading always goes a long way. Also never forget: herbal or not, the best medicine is the one that does its job and replaces your aches only with comfort—not with headache.

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