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How To Prevent Coronavirus

How To Prevent Coronavirus

How do you prevent coronavirus?

  1. What Is Coronavirus?
  2. Risks Of Coronavirus
  3. Washing Hands Frequently
  4. General Hygiene
  5. Practice Food Safety
  6. Social Distance
  7. Consult a Medical Professional Immediately

Back in December 2019, the first report of the Coronavirus surfaced and has quickly affected parts of China and currently, other countries including the Philippines. Since this is a rapidly developing situation, there are different updates in the media every single day. It can surely be overwhelming to see the news that has been circulating worldwide. This has caused panic and worry for many people around the world because of the massive number of individuals that’s been affected by it. Now, only one question remains: How can we prevent coronavirus?

What Is Coronavirus?

What Is Coronavirus

The disease was first identified and discovered in 1960. Its exact origins are unknown, but the virus got its name from being crown-like shaped. Coronavirus can infect both humans and animals. Just like other cold-causing viruses, this can be transmitted through air and direct contact. Infected people spread the disease by sneezing, coughing, or if an uninfected person touches things that an infected person has had direct contact with.

The disease made waves once again when it was first identified in Wuhan, a city in China, in 2019. Since then, it has caused a worldwide outbreak. It is widespread and thousands have been affected and a number of deaths have been reported. It has made its way to many more cities such as Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, Germany, Japan, and recently, the Philippines. Government officials have taken action to further temporarily ban the entrance of people who have traveled to Wuhan recently.

Risks Of Coronavirus

woman sick with the flu

Ang pagsiklab ng novo coronavirus ay nagdulot ng pangamba at kontrobersiya dahil sa dami ng bilang na naapektuhan nito. Ito ay isang matinding banta sa kalusugan at naging sanhi ng pagtaas ng panganib sa mga tao.

Ito ay nakakaapekto sa respiratory tract, ilong, sinus, at ang itaas ng lalamunan, ngunit mayroon pa ring pagtatalo kung ito ba ay nakakamatay o hindi.

Kasulukuyang pa lamang isinasagawa ng mga eksperto ang pagaaral upang makagawa ng tamang vaccine at gamot panglunas para sa novo coronavirus, ito ang dahilan kung bakit natin kinakailangang pagtuunan ng pansin ang pag-iwas dito.

Washing Hands Frequently

washing hands in sink with soap

One can never be too sure that the everyday items that we frequently use is 100% clear of contact from this disease. Therefore, make it a habit to wash your hands every day to reduce the spread of any infecting particles. Hand washing is one of the best ways to remove germs. Make sure to wash your hands before and after you eat, cook, or play with pets. Also every time you cough, sneeze, or blow your nose, head to the sink and wash your hands immediately.

Another suggestion is to bring any alcohol-based hand sanitizer with you to keep your hands sanitized in between your daily activities.

General Hygiene

man blowing nose into tissue

Iwasan ang paghawak sa mata, ilong, at bibig. Takpan ang bibig at ilong gamit ang siko imbes ang iyong kamay, panyo, at tissue kapag inubo o nabahing. Itapon agad ang tissue sa basurahan at maghugas ng kamay. Maaaring maikalat ang virus sa mga gamit at mahawa ang ibang tao kung hindi ito ugaliing gagawin.

Lingid sa kaalaman ng nakararami, ang mga hayop ay maaari ring mahawaan ng Coronavirus. Mahalagang matiyak ang laging paghugas ng kamay pagkatapos hawakan o laruin ang mga hayop at ang mga produktong pang hayop. Iwasan ring makipaghalubilo sa mga ligaw na hayop.

Practice Food Safety

man washing vegetables on the sink

Sa pagluluto, ugaliin maghugas ng kamay bago hawakan ang mga ingredients. Iwasan rin ang pagkain ng hilaw. Bagama’t may ilang hilaw na nakakain, ito ay maaaring naglalaman ng masasamang mikrobyo na magsasanhi ng malalang karamdaman sa pagkakasira ng linya ng bituka at ang mga ibang virus na maaring makadulot ng masama sa kalusugan.

Social Distance

man sneezing into tissue

Wearing masks has been one of the most common actions people have been doing to prevent this airborne disease from spreading. Aside from this, keep your distance from people who have signs of a respiratory tract infection such as constant sneezing and coughing. Advise them to consult a medical professional immediately. If you’re feeling sick, it’s best to stay at home and avoid public areas.

Consult a Medical Professional Immediately

woman talking to a doctor

It is important to be aware of the symptoms of this disease for emergency purposes. Possible symptoms include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. It can easily be assumed to be a regular cold but if symptoms persist and develop, it is highly advised to consult a medical professional immediately for the prevention of higher risks or life-threatening diseases.

Key Takeaway

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has affected thousands of people and has already caused deaths in some countries. Because of this, everyone has a higher risk of catching the virus. The best way to prevent the coronavirus is to stay informed.

Wash your hands frequently, keep up with your general hygiene, and stay away from those with upper respiratory tract infections. Consult a medical professional immediately if you experience symptoms of the disease.

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