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Hurts Like Heartbreak: Signs of Heart Attack in Women

heart attack

Anyone can be a victim of heart attack, regardless of age, sex and health condition. However, studies show that symptoms between men and women vary. And for the latter, these signs manifest itself in unusual ways that make it hard to predict whether or not they have the disease! Many are even similar to those of other diseases, prompting patients to take medicine for fever, coughs, and colds needlessly!

Heart attack is a life-threatening condition under any circumstances and it’s best if you know the symptoms that precedes it just in case. A few are listed below along others signs only women experience.

Chest Pain

Everyone knows that before every heart attack comes chest pain. Though both sexes experience it, women do so differently; instead of the usual blunt and heavy pain on the left side of the chest often felt by men, women get the very uncomfortable feeling of their heart being squeezed or inflated anywhere on their chest.

Shortness of Breath

Another common heart attack symptom is difficulty in breathing. Women, though, experience this weeks before the attack itself. And it usually happens when they’re at their everyday activities. So constantly check if they have trouble inhaling and exhaling while they’re working. Also see if they get tired easily; it’s a clear sign that they’re not getting enough air.

Stomach Pain

Most of us attribute stomach problems with hyperacidity, gastroenteritis, and ulcer. What we might not be aware of, however, is that it’s also a sign of heart disease—for women at least! In some cases, the pain can even be really intense, causing agony for the patient in their abdomen.

Flu-Like Symptoms and Nausea

Women who are more prone to heart attack are also at risk of suffering from nausea and other flu-like symptoms prior to the disease. For example, when TV personality Rosie O’Donnell experienced a heart attack back in 2012, it was reported that she had bouts of dizziness and vomiting before the incident.


Having cold sweat breaking out of your body is also a sure sign that you might experience heart attack soon. For women, it often happens due to stress, fear, and anxiety issues rather than strenuous physical activities.

Jaw, Arm, and Back Pain

Aside from chest pain, everyone can also experience a good deal of aching in other parts of their body, including their jaws, their arms, and their back, prior to suffering a heart attack. Women experience this symptom more than men do, though, and it can be much more intense as with the chest pain.

Check Up

Heart attack is a disease not to be taken lightly. If left without treatment, it could lead to serious and often irreversible health complications. And ultimately, it could lead you to an early grave! So make no mistake: should any of these symptoms arise, don’t hesitate to go to your doctor and have yourself examined. In fact, best if you make regular appointments, especially if you already have a steady history of cardiovascular disorders. That way, you can rest assured that your heart condition is already taken care of.

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