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Mother Knows Best: The Importance of First Aid Kits at Home as Told by the Best Moms

Home is a haven for most people. It’s a place where nothing bad can happen; a place where family members can protect each other from the dangers and threats posed by the outside world. Be that as it may, it’s still not a completely impenetrable sanctuary. There are still some hazards within the home that people fail to recognize, the best examples of which are illness and injury. While most, if not all, are prepared for the former, with cabinets full of medicine for diabetes, cough, colds, and other common conditions, only a few have made the measures for cases of physical injury.

Accidents can happen even at home. Some of them are almost impossible to prevent, especially if there are rowdy kids who seemingly have infinite amounts of energy. This is why it’s important to have a complete first aid kit at home! But don’t just take our word for it, read and hear about the importance of first aid products/items straight from the experts — the moms of the home!

Badet Siazon

Badet Siazon

Website: The Misis Chronicles | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Google+ | Pinterest

While being a full-time mom to her 7-year old daughter, Badet Siazon also manages a blog called The Misis Chronicles where she shares about her experiences as a mom and also a wife.

Badet Siazon says that a first aid kit is must-have at home because accidents and illnesses can strike at any given time. She packs their family’s first-aid kit with a thermometer, wound care items such as Band-Aids, gauze pads, hydrogen peroxide, ointment and cream, wipes, Pedialyte, Erceflora, Paracetamol, and a copy of her child’s immunization record.

Out of all these, their most-used items are the thermometer and paracetamol tablets. She shares that having these on hand really helps because it removes the need to rush to the drugstore late at night. She also recently used the Pedialyte and Erceflora as temporary treatment when her daughter suffered gastroenteritis. As per her account, Erceflora, a probiotic, really works wonders and is great to have at home.

We also asked Mrs. Siazon, as well as the other moms on the list, about how she teaches her 7-year old daughter the importance of first aid kits. She then answered that she tells her kid that it pays to be prepared and compares first aid to disaster preparedness. On top of that, she constantly reminds her kid that the items inside the kit are for emergency use only to prevent her from playing around with the cute character Band-Aids.

Kat Santiago

Kat Santiago

Website: Petite Momma | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Google+ | Pinterest

Petite Momma, Kat Santiago, is a homeschooling, stay-at-home mom to three wonderful kids. She spends her time filling up her blog with important tips on parenting, home management, and homeschooling.

With three active kids at home, Kat knows that accidents can happen anywhere and anytime. Because of this, she has equipped her household with the necessities to have a first response towards unfortunate and unanticipated incidents. She views the first aid kit as a crucial tool for saving lives.

Their first aid kit at home is complete with an antiseptic solution, cotton balls, adhesive bandages, elastic rolled bandage, a first aid bandana, salt solution, syringe, ice pack (3 are kept inside the freezer, 1 on standby inside the kit), thermometer, medicines, sterile gauze, adhesive tape, and some essential oils. All these help her and her family handle or ease any emergency situation.

Ice packs are a popular item for the family because of their rowdy kids who always end up doing handstands, having sword fights, and wrestling each other. In fact, she has one pack for each child which helps soothe any bumps, bruises, and abrasions and keeps them from having to go to the nearest clinic for the slightest discomfort.

As a homeschooling mom, she doesn’t forget to teach her kids about the importance of first aid. She even went as far as training her oldest son, which she calls Kuya V, how to respond in emergency situations such as calling the community’s security. At seven years of age, some may think that the child is too young to understand and act appropriately when needed, but Kat believes that he and his siblings are already fully capable to contribute during such events.

Lanie Lluch

Lanie Lluch

Website: TweenselMom | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |

Lanie Lluch admits that she’s a bit of a been-there, done-that mom with two tweens in her nest, but she still feels the excitement of seeing them grow up into their own personalities. Through her blog, TweenselMom, she shares a bit of everything — from homemaking to beauty tips. She aims to inspire her readers to see life inside and outside the home as the great adventure that it is.

Knowing her home is equipped with a first aid kit full of the basic tools that can help dissipate a medical emergency gives Lanie Lluch a much-needed peace of mind. Although accidents aren’t always life-threatening, she takes pride in having a first aid kit at home as it can help prevent infection and scarring.

The essential items for her family are isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, betadine, Band-Aid, gauze, cotton balls, cotton buds, and topical ointment. She also keeps a list of emergency numbers – family doctors, hospitals, and family lines – in their first aid kit because she’s well aware that nervousness and panic can cloud people’s minds and make them forget important details. Every member of the family benefits from the first aid kit as they all take part in activities that can pose some kind of danger – mom cooks, dad tends the garden, and the kids love playing outdoors.

In terms of educating their children, both husband and wife’s focus is on prevention rather than cure. They have taught their two tweens that it’s best to keep thing organized at all times to avoid accidents. Of course, she and her husband also function with the same mindset to set the best examples for their kids.

Berlin Domingo

Berlin Domingo

Website: Momi Berlin | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Motherhood is a gift not everyone appreciates until they’ve learned to live it truly.” These are the words Berlin Domingo commits to as she walks life as a mother of five boys. In her blog, she writes personal narratives, mommy tips, and thrilling discoveries. She also shares knowledge that she learned, may it be about motherhood or other subject matters.

Much like the other moms on the list, she views first aid kits as household necessities that can prevent unfortunate incidents from escalating. Being a mother of five boys who are curious and playful, an accessible first aid kit helps provide instant or temporary relief until they can proper treatment.

Their kit is packed with bandages, plasters, gauzes, safety pins, medical tape, Band-Aid, scissors and tweezers, pain relievers, ointment, thermometer, antiseptic, alcohol, and instant cold pack. Most of these items are used to treat minor cuts and burns sustained while cooking and/or preparing food or to treat injuries a toddler might get from falling off a chair or a bed.

As for teaching the importance of first aid kits to her amazing boys, it really helps that their children’s school has programs that reiterate what they – the parents – have taught at home. Any incident that happened in the past also serves as lessons for all members of the family and allow them to truly see how important it is to have a first aid kit at home.

Celerhina Aubrey

Celerhina Aubrey

Website: ReigningStill | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Software test architect, a self-proclaimed fashionista, bookworm, blogger, and neophyte mum, Celerhina Aubrey writes about her love for life and adventure in her blog called Reigning Still.

Even with all these things on her plate, she still manages to find the time to equip her home with a first aid kit packed with all the necessities including antiseptic solutions, gauze pads, Band-Aid, bandages, medical tape, cold rub, saline solutions, antibiotics, scissors, a thermometer, and other types of medication. She makes sure that they have these things on hand at all times to not “go loca finding one” when the need arises.

With toddlers at home, one of their most-used items is the thermometer. They use the instrument at the first sign of fever to help decide whether it’s necessary to give meds or not. Saline solution is also a great item to have especially since it helps free up a clogged nose. Personally, she keeps a stash of anti-histamine to aid her allergic rhinitis. It puts her at ease knowing that, even if something were to happen in the middle of the night, they can still address the problem.

On the subject of teaching her daughter the importance of first aid kits, she said that she has informed her daughter where the supplies are but, has placed it somewhere where the child can’t reach or play with it. In case her daughter feels there is a need to use it, she instructed her to call an adult. This has then led to her daughter’s habit of pointing to the kit whenever she would feel some signs of fever.

Key Takeaway

Moms are some of the world’s experts on first aid and household safety, so it’s important that you trust their words and keep a complete kit at your home. As per their anecdotes, first aid kits aren’t just important for the children, even the adults need them, too!

You never know what may happen and it’s dangerous to think that nothing bad ever will, which is why it’s important to have a first aid kit at home even if it’s just for precaution. You can easily buy the essentials such as medicine for diabetes and colds, bandages, alcohol, antiseptics, and others at the nearest drugstore!

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