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Let’s Work Out! Exercise Tips for Diabetics

Diabetes is a tough illness to battle. Currently, there is no known cure for but there are ways to manage it such as proper diet and taking your medicine for diabetes. There is also another way to keep it under control, something that brings out the sloth in us with just one sight or one hear of it: exercise.

Regular exercise is something that will keep our bodies healthy. Whether you are diabetic or not, working on your fitness is always important. A short run or a few minutes of sit-ups will definitely affect your body positively.If you’re still feeling lazy, check out these exercise tips to encourage you to keep moving.

Talk to Your Doctors

Before hitting the gym, you must talk to you must first consult with your doctor; do not limit it to just your Endocrinologist but your cardiologist and Pulmonologist as well. Ask them what you should and shouldn’t do at the gym or if there are any sports you shouldn’t do. Tell them your goals, what you want to achieve with this exercise plan.

Consult an Exercise Physiologist for Your Workout Plan

After speaking with your doctors, make an appointment with an exercise physiologist to create your workout plan. He or she will create one specifically tailored your health needs and goals.  Tell the physiologist how your life is like, if you plan to hit the gym, do a sport or what part of the day you want to move. They will take this into consideration as they include the intensity, time limit and movements to be done during your workout.

Workout for 30 Minutes

It’s advisable for people with type 2 Diabetes to exercise for at least 30 minutes everyday. This doesn’t mean that you have to start big, though. If you haven’t worked out in a long time, you can ease into it by breaking down your 30 minutes into several, brief workouts.

Bring a Pal

Working out with a friend can help motivate you to exercise. At the same time, it will be helpful to have someone who knows you have diabetes and can help you in case of emergency.

Join a Class

If you are hesitant to try working out on your own, why not join a class? You’ll have an instructor who will not only lead your but help you out if you find some of the moves difficult to do. Plus, you can also meet a few lifelong friends as well. .

Carry Snack and Water

The most dangerous thing that can happen to a diabetic is for him or her to have hypoglycemia due to ignorance. Type 1 diabetics must note this as they are more prone to get hypoglycemia. Always have a snack, like a granola bar or trail mix, in your bag with you when you exercise. You must also keep yourself hydrated as diabetes increases the risk for dehydration.

Reward Yourself

In the long run, you’ll see the rewards of exercise on your body. It will keep you healthy, improve your weight, and help with your diabetes. However, you need to reward yourself along the way as well. Set specific goals and when you reach them, give yourself a prize. It can be something like a new book or a massage. This will help motivate and encourage you to stick to your workout.

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